A Global Gathering

Track and Field star Lolo Jones captured by New York-based photographer Martin Schoeller

While the dog days of summer may have most of us retiring to the couch beneath a high-powered ceiling fan, in jolly old England the world’s best athletes are toeing the line for what is sure to be weeks of intense competition. From swimming and gymnastics to trampoline and taekwondo, you can’t help but feel inspired by these Olympic gold-medal hopefuls. And while your quest to take the stairs instead of the elevator at work may only last a week, there is something beautiful in the camaraderie of this global gathering that will last much longer.

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Interview with Petunia Pickle Bottom’s DeNai Jones

Petunia Pickle Bottom’s founder and designer, DeNai Jones, dishes on the origin of her unique company name, the new diaper bag she created exclusively for her pals at PoshTots and what the future holds for her blossoming business.

DeNai and PoshTots founder, Andrea Edmunds: The Early Years!

Why is the Mosaic Roll Boxy Backpack a special exclusive?
PPB is so very honored to have a longstanding friendship with PoshTots for nearly twelve years. They were one of our very first accounts, which always gives them a special place in our hearts. PoshTots and Petunia Pickle Bottom have shared amazing growth and successes over the years, and we feel that designing the Mosaic Roll Boxy Backpack exclusively for them is a way to both show our appreciation and celebrate our relationship.

What was the inspiration behind the fabric selection for PoshTots’ exclusive Mosaic Roll Boxy Backpack?
As we travel, we pick up bits and pieces of the places we visit, and find inspiration everywhere we go. The exclusive Mosaic Roll is reminiscent of a visit to the Mediterranean, a region known for their unique and distinctive style of geometric patterns found in beautifully crafted tile designs. It seemed perfect to draw inspiration for the Mosaic Roll from these travels, which celebrate the exquisite details that work together to create something beautiful, much like our special friendship with PoshTots.

The exclusive, limited-edition Mosaic Roll Boxy Backpack – available only at PoshTots.

What is the story behind the name Petunia Pickle Bottom?
Petunia Pickle Bottom was the name for me as a child, a bit of a nickname, really, given to me by my father, who is the genius behind the name. It’s a nice way to honor him and to keep a bit of childhood sentiment with me in my adult life. Plus, it’s a name you don’t forget!

We know a lot of well-known moms and dads carry Petunia Pickle Bottom bags and that PPB was even the answer to a fairly recent Jeopardy question. How did you decide to start designing these super stylish baby bags?
Twelve years ago while searching for a baby gift for a friend, I found that innovation and a sense of style was lacking in the diaper bag market. So, I created something unique for her, and have been designing and creating beautifully functional bags and accessories for the style-seeking mother ever since. We are pleased to have been a brand that has led the market and is stronger today than it was yesterday.

We also can’t resist asking, have you ever been pleasantly surprised to see a certain celeb or personality carrying one of your own creations?
The office is always abuzz when we see a celebrity with one of our products. We still get excited when we spot someone carrying our bags, or using one of our carriers, or dressing their child in PPB layette, famous or not. I think that will always be a thrill for us.

Tell us more about your family’s love of travel and your husband Braden’s involvement with Hands & Feet Children’s Village in Haiti.
Travel is our passion, and something we started when the kids were infants so they would grow to love it as much as we do. Annually, we take them with us to visit our team in China. This year we were lucky enough to also see our distributors in Japan and Korea, and ended the trip on a little island in Thailand for some R&R. Our boys had a blast sightseeing, eating, playing, and traveling in Asia, and often reminisce about different parts of the trip, which warms our hearts that they’re thinking about the family memories we made together.

Braden is on the board for Hands & Feet Project, which is a children’s village in Haiti. He loves to be on the ground with the amazing team and children who make up this organization. It’s a passionate group of people giving their heart and souls to serving underprivileged children. Read more at www.handsandfeetproject.org.

What does the future hold for the Jones family and your ever-blossoming business?
This has been a banner year for PPB in terms of development and we will start to unveil some of our hard work with the launch of our Fall ’12 Collection on Aug. 1st. We’ve been busy with new textiles we are really excited about, a new diaper bag called the City Carryall, and some big upcoming projects that I have stay mum on for now. Let’s just say that 2013 is going to bring fun surprises!

White Wonderland

So, it’s mid-summer and our craving for color is more intense than the noon sun hitting the sidewalk. But, if the fall fashion forecast is any indication of what is to come, winter white is still haute, haute, haute! What better place to get inspired by this crisp color (or lack thereof) than a bridal boutique? Anthropologie’s spin-off bridal site, BHLDN, was a great place to start dreaming about all the wonderful ways we can appreciate whimsical white.

Fondant Tea Dress

Little Queen of Love Youth Chair in Simple White

Floral Artwork Dress

Rose Garden Chandelier in Snow White

Victoria’s Reign Gown

Haute House Montserrat Upholstered Bed

Lita Gown

Gwen Baby Bedding

Tiered Tulip Gown

Floral Printed Rug in Black

A Heartfelt Nursery for J.R. Martinez

PoshTots was proud to play a part in the nursery of J.R. Martinez (Actor, Iraq War veteran and champion of “Dancing with the Stars” Season 13) and partner Diana Gonzales-Jones’ infant daughter. Interior designers Gerri and Naomi of Little Crown Interiors knew that in addition to having a beautiful, comfortable and sentimental theme, the nursery needed to provide a memorial to two special people in the lives of this celebrity couple (and for whom the baby would be named). They also knew that PoshTots was the perfect place for a unique mix of modern design, whimsical touches and luxuriously reflective pieces.

Images of Lauryn Anabelle Martinez’s nursery are in this week’s issue of In Touch Weekly.

J.R. and Diana requested a home for Belle’s very special book collection: guests to the couple’s baby showers were invited to bring books for the baby. PoshTots’ 3 Storage Blocks served as a unique home for the collection, and are a perfect blend of modern design with a whimsical application. Nearby, our Harlow Side Table in Taupe and PoshLiving’s Fuego Leafed Iron Lamp in Gold beautifully complete the seating area with comfort and function.

PoshTots also offers the beautiful Flora Crib Set in Blush, Clayton Glider, stationary Mix Crib and Mix Dresser featured in this sophisticated nursery space.

Our lovely Geranium Globe Pendant with Crystal Flowers also provided a fun floral focal point.

Although the years to come with their new daughter can only bring more joy, it’s clear that the beautiful nursery Little Crown Interiors filled with posh products started things off on the right foot for this family.

Nursery Photographer: Full Spectrum Photography

Bohemian Bedroom

The colors. The fabrics. The vintage appeal. This lovely line had us at hello. We have a feeling that it’ll make an impression on you too.

The cornice and tulle are fit for a fairytale with a mini model as the story’s heroine.

Hello?!?!? Why, yes, I did answer the call when style called.

Waking up to this might even make me a morning person. Maybe.

And she lived happily ever after. THE END.