Nursery November Contest

PoshTots and Newport Cottages are celebrating Nursery November! Discover your design dreams and explore the eclectic by creating a dream nursery on Pinterest. Cribs, gliders, bedding, artwork, lighting – use whatever posh pieces inspire your imagination. It can be a boy’s or girl’s room or gender neutral (for the couple not finding out until baby is born!). See our inspirational board here!

• Be sure to follow PoshTots on Pinterest

• Start a Pinterest board named “PoshTots Nursery November” and start pinning PoshTots pieces that you would use to create your dream nursery. At least one item must come from the Newport Cottages collection, found here.

• Make sure to tag your pins: #PoshTotsNursery

• E-mail us a link to your board at: [email protected]

• The contest opens today and ends at 11:59pm EST on Monday, November 26, 2012. Be sure to create your boards before then! On Tuesday, November 27th, our design team will choose our six favorites and post them to both Facebook and the posh blog.

• When all the entries are posted, we’ll open the voting on Facebook. Finalists will have through Friday at noon EST to get as many votes (likes) as they can. The winners will be announced on Friday, November 30th at 5pm EST.

• First prize is a Juliana Crib, Juliana Dresser, Tutu Tulle Crib Bedding and Shaggy Raggy Pink Rug (retail value of this nursery is $4,253) OR a $2500 PoshTots gift certificate, second prize is a $1000 PoshTots gift certificate and third prize is a $500 PoshTots gift certificate.

Good luck and happy posh pinning!

39 thoughts on “Nursery November Contest”

  1. well i want o say thanks and hope to be the winner of these amazing chance especially because its on my months birthday and im expecting my second child thans so much and have a great life.

  2. Thank you for creating contest POSHTOTS! I am so excited to design my own nursery, I feel like a kid in a candy store right now! So much to choose from and so much creativity bubbling in my head right now!

  3. Was wondering, can we do more than 1 room? I would like to design a boy room and a girl room. I can’t find anywhere that says we are limited to 1 room. Can you please let me know? Thanks~

  4. Also, is everything that we use have to be from the posh living or posh tots sites only? Or can we use items from other places on the internet?

  5. After having 3 sons… I am now 28 weeks pregnant with our first daughter and a Lil lost and behind on how to create a nursery for her… It would be a blessing to win this, good luck to all… I’m excited to start this , thank you PoshTots!!!

  6. If we ‘design’ two rooms, do we need to make two boards? Or, how else would you like us to differentiate the two designs? Thanks! Your site has such lovely stuff!

    1. Hi stacy h,

      Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and comment.

      Most of the baby bedding on our site is available with or without bumpers. The CPSC hasn’t made a ruling regarding the petition to ban “pillow-like” or any other type of bumper. PoshTots does not offer “pillowy” bumpers, only the traditional, flat bumpers and we are happy to sell baby bedding without bumpers. We believe it is up to parents to decide what is best for their children. If the CPSC finds that all bumpers are potentially harmful, we will certainly follow their guidelines.

      Again, thank you for commenting about bumpers – it’s so important to keep baby/child safety at the forefront of everything we do as parents, caregivers, designers and retailers of children’s items.

  7. I’m hooked on Pinterest, and hooked on designing a nursery (hence finding this contest through Project Nursery!) so this is going to be fun! 🙂 Is there a restriction regarding how many/how few pins may be on each board? (I, too, plan to make 2 boards, my gender u/s isn’t scheduled until shortly before Christmas!) – Thanks! – Heather

    1. Hi, Heather! There are no restrictions on the amount of pins you use and you are more than welcome to create multiple boards. Thanks for participating – good luck & and happy pinning!

  8. Do we receive a verification from PoshTots that are PoshTots Nursery November entry was received? I am not sure if I correctly emailed my link to my board to [email protected]. I carbon copied myself and my link to my Pinterest account shows a 404 message and I cannot see my board from the link. I don’t know if that is also what poshtots is seeing (which is a blank screen). Sorry I am new at using computers and am still learning.

  9. Question: Misunderstood tagging #PoshTotsNursery on my pins. Submitted my link to Pinterest a week ago without including the #PoshTotsNursery tag on my pins. A week later – today added to to all my Pins on my board the #PoshTotsNursery tag. Do I need to resubmit my link to my board or have they not looked at the boards yet and I am OK.

    1. Hi! We are still collecting entries and will review them upon completion of the contest, so there is no need to resend. Thanks for participating and best of luck!

  10. I emailed my link again. Hopefully it went through this time. Went to Pinterest, highlighted link (URL address) hit copy, went to email, went to compose messages to: [email protected] went to body of email then to edit, then paste and sent.
    Link said htt;:// nursery-november. I still could not open link up 404 message. Hopefully it will work on your end. I apolgize for my lack of knowlege with computers and thank you for your time. I as everyone else very much wants a chance for my Nursery board to be seen.

  11. I would love to win this for my daughter. She is having a baby boy in Feb. You have the most beautiful rooms I have ever seen.

  12. I wanted to be sure you received my link? I emailed it from work several weeks ago I believe! I would love to have this for my daughter, she’s our little princess and this room would be perfect for her, she would LOVE it!!! Thanks!

  13. I created three boards, it was so much fun! I hope you got them all because when I search Pinterest only one of them shows up. I’m not sure if I tagged them correctly?

    1. Yes we received all three Valerie! Great job making them beautiful and diverse! We will announce our finalist later today on facebook, stay tuned…:)

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