The Talent Behind Our Teepees: An Interview with Lori

Lori, the brains behind our posh teepee bungalows, gave us some insight on how she creates this special space. Sort of makes you want to snuggle into one-piece pajamas for a sleepover again, right?

Modern Chic Teepee

When did you come up with the idea for a kids’ teepee? We want to know more about how your creative business started!

In 2003, my former business partner and I were looking at a similar product that was given as a gift and I said to her, ‘I can make that!’ It was a cute version of a tent but, to me, it seemed it could use some improvements and a little more style and flair. Obviously, we did not invent the teepee, but I believe we designed a whole new kind of children’s teepee with a focus on high-end quality and plenty of style that is still simple to put up and take down. We worked on the design for six months before we actually brought it to market. The design itself looks so simple now, but it took a lot of work to make it function as well as it does – and still be captivating to the consumer. It’s quite a process when you take the plunge into a new business venture, but we jumped in with both feet. The design was patented and we were off and running. Nine years later, the original design hasn’t changed and the quality remains top notch.

How do you always choose fabulous, unique fabrics for your handcrafted teepees with the endless sea of options out there?

My production crew and I are always on the search for the latest and greatest fabrics. We only use high-quality drapery-weight fabrics and are very picky about the richness of the colors and the feel of the fabric. We love to get feedback from our customers about what they would like to see as far as colors or patterns. Finding the right type of fabric that is fun for kids, yet appealing to parents and still meets our requirements on color and quality certainly makes it a challenge. We try to offer a large selection that would meet the different needs of our customers. Some customers like bold, some like the soft and subtle and some like a gender-neutral teepee so it can be a gift for more than one child. Whatever the needs, we try to meet them, and we even do custom teepees; so if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can work together to make a one-of-a-kind teepee.

Your company tagline is that “everyone needs a little space.” What has been the most rewarding thing about creating this special space for little ones?

Over the years, we have received so many wonderful stories about how excited the children have been upon receiving their teepee. It certainly does carry a “wow” factor because of the size and colors. What child isn’t immediately intrigued with a toy or space they can crawl right into? The praise we have received in being able to provide an heirloom-quality toy that inspires creativity and imagination – and that both children and adults love – has been our greatest accomplishment. We’re proud of what we do and thrilled that our customers have all seen the need for children to have a space to call their own and chosen our products to meet that need.

How does it feel when you spot one of your teepees in someone’s home? We also can’t resist asking, have you ever been pleasantly surprised to see a certain celeb or well-know personality using one of your clever creations?

It’s always interesting when you speak to someone who has one in their home, has seen you in a certain magazine or saw the products on a website or a blog. It makes you feel good that you have a memorable product and that people appreciate what you’re doing. We participated in a Hollywood Baby Shower as well as the Screen Actors Guild Awards so we’ve had some great opportunities to get our products to quite a few well-known celebrities. One of my favorite stories is when Gwyneth Paltrow’s assistant called us from London to share the fact that upon arriving in London, Apple was unhappy to learn that her teepee was left in New York. So, they promptly purchased another teepee for their London home. My kids love that Jack Black purchased one for his son and one of my personal favorites is that Pierce Brosnan turned in his SAG Award certificate for a teepee. It’s pretty cool when a popular James Bond actor has a teepee! Oh, and there was a real princess living in Paris, France who purchased an Old West Red Teepee for her daughter. I just thought that was pretty cool that she didn’t purchase what you might think a princess would purchase, like a Paper Dolls or Pretty Paisley for her daughter, but chose the Old West Red for her own princess.

What is on your iPod right now? Your favorite book? Go-to website?

My iPod is all over the place. I have top twenty songs, music from the 80’s, country, classic rock, pop, 70’s disco music, hair-band tunes and even a little old school rap. My latest downloads have been “Home” by Phillip Phillips, “Locked out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars and “Some Nights” by Fun.

My favorite books are The Hunger Games, Pride and Prejudice – I thought The Secret was very interesting – and yes, I’m a Twilight series fan.

Go-to website: Google. Google. Google. I Google everything.

It has surely been a rewarding year for your ever-blossoming business. What does the future hold for you and your talented team?

We will continue our relentless quest for the newest and most interesting fabrics in the market for our teepees. We are also looking into some licensing options that could really be interesting and open a whole new market for us. New products are in the works as well; all with creative and imaginative play in mind.

Well, here at PoshTots, we are excited to be a part of all the new adventures that unfold! Check out Lori’s entire collection here and score free shipping and 10% savings on her lovely line through November 26th. Also, check out the PoshTots Facebook page today, November 19th, for a teepee giveaway. One winner will be announced on Monday and will receive their choice of teepee!

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