Room Service, Please!

As a company full of employees who love design and inspiration, PoshTots immediately connected with an organization called Room Service Atlanta when it was brought to us last fall. RSA is a non-profit that was developed in 2010 by talented designers, Erika Ward and Dayka Robinson, as a way to combine their love for design with their commitment to serve others. They work with shelters in Atlanta to create comfortable interiors for homeless families and youth that will inspire them as they work to get back on their feet.

In October 2012, we teamed up with RSA on a big design project for the United Methodist Children’s Home‘s Independent Living Program in Decatur, Georgia. Six studio apartments were redesigned for foster care youth who are preparing for independence.

Our long-time friend and fabulous designer, Annette Joseph, redesigned one of the rooms. We were honored that she and RSA wanted to place some of our Posh products in a double room shared by two young gentlemen. Check out some of the stunning before and after shots shown in the video below!

Erika and Dayka are looking forward to completing their Spring project right after Mother’s Day. This time RSA is designing TWO cottages that house girls ages 17-21. We at Posh are inspired by Room Service Atlanta and hope to help with many projects to come!

“It’s our honor and greatest privilege to serve our community with our talents. For everyone deserves a beautiful place to call home no matter where that may be.” –Erika Ward

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