Fabulous Easter Fun!

We’re bouncing with bunny love as Easter Sunday quickly approaches! Bunnies, chicks, and pastels are dancing through our heads and we found some fitting Posh products and fun Easter facts for you and your little one to love. Hop on through to view Easter-inspired décor that will have you thumping with joy!


bunny tutu costume

{Bunny Tutu Costume} – The date of Easter Sunday changes every year because it’s celebrated on the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon. Easter Sunday can be any time from March 22nd to April 25th.

Enchanted forest cradle

{Enchanted Forest Cradle} – Good Friday is an official holiday in 12 US states (and if you’re in one of those states, enjoy the long weekend).

chick canvas

{Little Chicks Canvas Reproduction} – Eggs are associated with Easter because they are a symbol of starting new life. It’s believed that eggs have been given to celebrate the spring equinox for more than 2 millennia.

Lila Toy Bunny

{Lila toy Bunny Rabbit} – The Easter Bunny tradition made its way to the US in the 18th century. It is believed to have originated in Europe where it was actually the Easter Hare.

carrot dresser

{Carrot Dresser} – According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest Easter egg ever made was just over 25-ft high and made of chocolate and marshmallow. The egg weighed 8,968 lbs. and was supported by an internal steel frame. (The World Record heaviest carrot was 18.985 pounds! This Carrot Dresser surely breaks that one.)

dottie bunny chandelier

{Dottie The Bunny Chandelier} – In Texas, there is the German custom of burning Easter-eve fires. For this event, children are told that the Easter Bunny is burning wild flowers to make his dyes.


{Chickee Poof} – During the Easter season, Americans buy more than 700 million Peeps – making Peeps the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy.

bunny love canvas

{Bunny Love Hand-Painted Canvas} – Thanks to their prolific fertility, rabbits have long symbolized Spring, a season of rebirth.

pink rosary

{Rose Crystal and Pearl Mini Rosary} – Common Easter symbols include the Cross, Easter Bells, the Easter Lily, and of course, Eggs and Rabbits!

bunny dishes

{Bunny Pink Ceramic Dish Set} – After Halloween, Easter is the biggest candy consuming holiday for Americans.

We at Posh love to celebrate all holidays with our fans! The freedom festival, Passover, is being celebrated from March 25th to April 2nd.

Happy Easter and Passover from our Posh family to yours!

March Madness Baby Name Bracketology

The “Madness” has begun. You’re counting down the days until your baby is born and still haven’t picked that slam dunk of a name. Have no fear, March Madness Bracketology is here!

Believe it or not, brackets are useful for things other than sports and Daddy is sure to love the idea. We’ll show you how to pick the champion name for your baby no matter the decision-making dilemma.

boy vs girl bracket

Keeping your baby’s gender a big surprise? Make half of the bracket with girl names and the other half with boy names. The championship will literally come down to the final buzzer when your bundle of joy arrives!

meaning vs love

Can’t decide whether to use a name with family meaning or an original that you love? Play them against each other until the championship comes down to one of each. You may just find that they go nicely together and create a winning first and middle name combination!

mom vs dad

Has a battle begun between the parents’ name picks? Just because you can’t agree doesn’t mean you can’t combine. Each parent should complete half of the bracket until your final picks are in the championship match up. You may find that you actually agree on a name or that both names combine nicely to make the first and middle names.

Get your family and friends involved in the fun – have them all fill out Baby Name Brackets from your original choices and see who can guess which name was picked. You could even throw a small name reveal party or wait until the baby is born to keep the suspense!

We scored when we found this b-ball artwork complete with name personalization!

locker growth chart

front page canvas

bball wall hang

scoreboard decor

Do you have a baby name dilemma? Tell us about it and let’s get in to the March Madness together!

Baby’s First Fashion

Spring is just around the corner and that means spending time outside and taking daytrips to the park, the zoo, the shore; lots of mini vacations. Let the fun begin! Get your little one dressed and ready for every adventure.

Here, we’ve paired a PoshTots Pink Wrap Around Cashmere Sweater Set with our Crystal Twinkle Toe Slippers, white ruffled socks, a Hawaiian knitted hat with flower and a pair of Retro Baby Banz sunglasses. Dress your little darling with a few of the finer things!

baby pink look

{Outfit Pieces} Wrap Set – Shoes – SocksHatSunglasses

The wrap can be worn to any occasion and is still soft and comfortable, unlike other dressier clothes that are made with taffeta and other fabrics. Your baby will even want to sleep in this set! This pale pink can easily be paired with a pop of color such as a blue that really complements reds and pinks.

Bundle up your baby and take off in this adorable outfit, because it’s never too early for your little girl to become a fabulous fashionista!

Make it a Posh Patty’s Day!

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, we’re going gaga for GREEN! Every hue can brighten a room for both girls and boys. You and your little leprechauns are sure to love our Posh Patty’s Day products and fun facts to get in the spirit. Try your luck and see where these Irish-inspired pieces take you.

tree bookcase

{Knowledge Tree Bookcase} – According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the highest number of leaves found on a clover is 14!

muse sofa

{Muse Child Sofa} – Ireland is associated with the color green because it is known as “The Emerald Island.”

green white dresser

{Revenna Regency Four Drawer Dresser} – Legend says that each leaf of the clover means something: the first is for hope, the second for faith, the third for love, and the fourth for luck.


{Springtime Coverlet} – Many Americans will pinch people not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day. Tradition says wearing green makes you invisible to leprechauns, who will pinch anyone they see.

pleated shade

{Pleated Green Chandelier Shade} – The name “leprechaun” has several origins. It could be from the Irish Gaelic word “leipreachan,” which means “a kind of aqueous sprite.” Or, it could be from “leath bhrogan,” which means “shoemaker.”


{PPB Gardens in Glasgow City Carryall} – Over 94 million people plan to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.

bailey rocker

{Bailey Rocker} – Driving a vehicle that is a Bright Yellow Green says that you are trendy, whimsical, and lively. Just like a leprechaun!

green bouquet knob

{Green Bouquet Knob} – In Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day, people traditionally wear a small bunch of shamrocks on their jackets or caps. Children wear orange, white and green badges, and women and girls wear green ribbons in their hair.


{Green Innocence Toile Royal Glider} – One estimate suggests that there are about 10,000 regular three-leaf clovers for every lucky four-leaf clover.

country french daybed

{Country French Daybed} – How the color green affects us physically and mentally: 1.Soothing 2.Relaxing mentally as well as physically 3.Helps alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety 4.Offers a sense of renewal, self-control and harmony

snuggle set

{PPB Organic Olive Snuggle Git Set} – Don’t forget to dress them in green!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from everyone here at Posh!

Parents Love Convertibles (and so do their babies)

Bratt Décor’s beautifully inventive convertible creation, J’adore, starts life as a cradle to safely cuddle your baby from newborn to 3-6 months (depending on the size and activity level of your child).

It converts to a gorgeous oval crib, wonderful in any nursery; especially well-suited to smaller spaces. Later, the daybed kit makes it a toddler daybed.

One piece of furniture fits your child’s needs until the age of four. Smart and lovely!

Available online exclusively at PoshTots, in finishes:

Venetian Gold  –  Distressed White  –  Pewter

J'adore Cradle / Crib


Want to see the entire Bratt Decor Collection? View it here. Looking for other convertible crib styles? We have lots; check them out!

More on convertible cribs from our friends at About.com:

No doubt, you’ll likely run into the convertible crib more than any other style. The option has a lot of appeal to parents who are looking for furniture that will last, not just for the baby and toddler years, but beyond.

What Do Convertible Cribs “Convert” Into?

Depending on the model, convertible cribs can transform into many other pieces of furniture. Combinations can include any of the following:

  • A crib
  • A toddler bed
  • A daybed: essentially the toddler bed without the toddler rail
  • A bench
  • A single bed
  • A double bed

If you see the distinction 2-in-1, it means that the convertible bed has 2 purposes (generally a crib/toddler bed). Likewise 3-in-1 will offer 3 purposes, and so on. This re-purposing of the crib can be a very economical purchase and save you the hassle of upgrading to toddler beds and full-size beds later on down the road.

>> Design or product questions? Our Design Consultants are ready to help. Call toll-free 866.767.4868 or email [email protected] <<

AFK Inspired Design

Anxious to take advantage of our awesome, ground-breaking, savings offer on the Art For Kids Collection (details at bottom) , but don’t know where to start? Let our Lead Designer, Patty Grogan, lend a hand! Her daring designs and helpful hints are sure to give you inspiration for any room.

Gender Neutral Nurseries: Pale pinks, blues, and greens are popular choices when it comes to color selections, but you can easily get locked into boy/girl specific colors. With so many great choices of fabric, wall coverings and paint, colors can take a room to the next level. Like pink? Make it coral with a pop of teal blue. Want a blue hue? Goodbye baby blue, hello navy. Add brighter greens and a pop of orange. Mix in patterns by trying a fun patterned wall covering on one wall and paint the other walls a complementary solid.

OB-unisex nursery2

AFK Products: Vintage Circus Table and Chair Set –  Nautical Child’s Rocking Chair – Gold Trimmed Crib

Going Beyond Pink and Lavender: Your little girl has grown out of the pink, cutesy animal character print on her bed and now it’s time for an update. Start with a sophisticated, yet sweet, French-style bed in cream or white.  When selecting colors for her room, try using a fresh, feminine color palette in soothing teal blues and pale yellow. Select a geometric contemporary wall covering as a focal point for one wall adding interest and complementing, not overwhelming, the overall feel of the room.

For furniture, bedding and decor continue with cream/white, pale teal, soft yellow and add an unexpected pop of black – she’ll love it!

OB-Bedroom Girl2

AFK Products: Bonne Nuit French Armoire with Caning – Marcheline Night Table – Veronica Seven-Drawer Versatile Dresser – Limited Edition Vintage Shelby Barbie Print – French Twin Bed

Daybed Design:

Daybeds can be a great alternative to a standard bed in a boy’s bedroom or girl’s bedroom. This bed style is also great in nurseries as a place for parents to rest and in playrooms for sleepovers, especially when the daybed as a trundle.

Daybeds can float in the room as a centerpiece and make a style statement or can be placed in front of a wall, which gives a casual living room feel and takes up less space in a room. Color flexibility is a great attribute of daybeds as well – there are many wood and metal finish options as well as fabric options for upholstered daybeds – which are so very popular now.

Try a contemporary style daybed, select a neutral base color and add lots of bright or patterned pillows to spice it up. You can change your style anytime by just replacing the bedding, pillows and other accessories.

OB-Bedroom Boy2

AFK Products: Derbyshire Bed with Trundle – Nearly There Old English Rugby Art – Struggle For Possession Old English Rugby Art

Art For Kids creates beautiful, hand-painted furniture and accessories. The collection features soft hues and antiqued finishes and lends a gentle, artistic touch to your home. From contemporary stylings to the ever-popular Bonne Nuit collection featuring French details like molding and caning, this line offers something for every designer taste.

For a limited time, buy one furniture item and all other coordinating furniture items are 15% off!

See the entire collection here.

Many finishes and hand-painted motifs are available. Design consultants are ready to assist you with custom orders at anytime, call toll-free 866.767.4868 or email [email protected]

A special offer on our most coveted collection!

The Most Extraordinary Children’s Furnishings in the World at PoshTots

A special offer on our most coveted collection! | PoshTots | Online Version
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What’s Your Crib Style?

What’s your crib style? When it comes to designing your nursery there are several choices, so be selective.

For a truly unique design, consider the round crib. If your space allows it can be a great focal point for the room. Place the crib in the center of the room for a show-stopping look. Round cribs can be dressed up or down depending on your taste and how elaborate you’d like your nursery.  For great drama, consider a round crib with a canopy that allows you to add long, flowing draperies around the crib. If simplicity is more your style, consider a basic, but sleek crib or one that is beautifully ornamented with understated carvings that speak for themselves.


(this traditional girl’s nursery with wonderful additions of whimsy was designed by our Lead Designer, Patty Grogan, [email protected])

Perhaps you are looking for a posh, yet practical crib style for your nursery that will allow for easy transition from infant to toddler. With the purchase of conversion kits, this style allows you to convert your crib to a toddler bed and in some cases a daybed and full bed. The AFK Heirloom Crib (pictured below) can be converted from a crib to a toddler bed, day bed, and full size bed as needed.

Heirloom convert

Art For Kids makes adorable options no matter which style suits your needs best. Explore all of our AFK furniture to decide which crib, or bed, style you love. When you view our AFK page, you’ll find details of our Awesome AFK Sale.

Our Design Consultants are here to help you build your perfect AFK room and take advantage of our amazing savings! From space planning and color selection to product recommendations and personal shopping, our professional team of designers is here to help you with whatever you need. 866.767.4868 or [email protected]

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March Pin-It-To-Win-It Monthly Giveaway!

This month’s Pinterest prize is a Bunnies in the Garden Luxurious 3-piece Blanket Set!

With Easter quickly approaching, it is time to get into the spirit by snuggling up to your own baby bunny. Create a new tradition with your little one by sharing the sweet story of Bailey Bunny hopping through the garden that appears on the gorgeous gift box.

Our three-piece set includes a white plush blanket with white-satin trim, a whimsical white-cotton cap with furry bunny ears accented in pale green and a velvety-soft carrot rattle.

The rules are simple: re-pin our original pin, found here, and follow us on Pinterest. One lucky winner will be chosen on 3/31/2013.


Happy Pinning and Good Luck!

Fresh for spring savings at PoshTots & PoshLiving!

The Most Extraordinary Children’s Furnishings in the World at PoshTots

Fresh for spring savings at PoshTots & PoshLiving! | PoshTots | Online Version
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For help styling your spaces contact the masterminds behind our magic, the PoshTots Design Consultants, toll-free at
1-866-POSHTOT (866-767-4868) Monday-Friday 9am-8pm ET or [email protected].