With a new baby on the way and a three year old moving into a “big girl” room, Andrea Edmunds wanted inspiring, quality furnishings for her children. Searching for pieces with that “special something” almost eleven years ago inspired her to start a company – PoshTots.com – to bring together exceptional artisans and parents who appreciate their creations.

Andrea and her business partner Pam O’Hallaron share more than entrepreneurial spirit. They have a common creative vision: a child’s room is more than a space to sleep. It’s a place to play, learn and dream; an environment where a child can enjoy all the simple pleasures of being a child. Creating that environment is no small challenge. It requires finding just the right furnishings and accessories, and then combining them so that each child’s unique personality shines through.

Pam, an ASID interior designer, is particularly well qualified to make dreams of a perfect room a reality. With more than 20 years of residential and commercial design experience, she has helped clients around the country define their personal décor styles and create spaces they cherish.

From the beginning, PoshTots’ whimsical design work has been featured in People Magazine, House Beautiful, InStyle, Better Homes and Gardens, and many other national publications. Andrea has appeared on Access Hollywood, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, and countless television lifestyle and design shows. PoshTots has earned its reputation as the “designer of choice” not only for celebrity parents, but for clients everywhere. Their distinctive style, unparalleled customer service and utmost commitment to the finest craftsmanship have established PoshTots as the premiere destination for the most extraordinary children’s furnishings in the world.

Moms to a combined five children between them, Andrea and Pam understand the passion that drives parents to PoshTots, and guide the company on the same ideals that inspired PoshTots’ creation in 2000.

When it comes to furnishing your child’s room, selecting inspiring furniture is only part of the picture. There’s true artistry in how you put it all together. A lot of time and thought goes into a PoshTots’ room design – don’t little ones deserve it? We think so.

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