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Runway to Reality

We love the idea of taking our favorite outfits from the runway and duplicating the look in our homes. Take this outfit from J.Crew’s 2011 Fall Collection.  We love the pops of orange and red against the navy and washed out/grayish denim.  We did a little shopping over at PoshLiving, and here’s what we came up with.

The Madera Duvet replicates the washed out soft denim shirt, in both texture and color.
The pattern in the pant is outstanding and is reminiscent of our fabulous Ikat Table Lamp.
Our Nicola Envelope Accent Pillow resembles the hard lines of those sassy shoes.
The room is flanked by a coat of orange, or a bold Taboret Stool Side Table in Orange.
Accessorize the look with a warm neutral topped with a crisp navy trim, such as our Madigan Upholstered Headboard.
Our Hyperion Red Rug adds a pop of red to finish the look.

Now tell us how YOU would duplicate the look.

Fashionista Mom

Rachel Zoe is the ultimate fashionista.  Is it any surprise that her son, Skyler, will be the best dressed tot  in Hollywood?

BUT, what really interests us is the nursery.  Of course.  And, as expected, it’s perfectly posh.  Light and bright and modern.

To get the overall look:

1. Jaylyn Baby Bedding

2. Billie ABC Artwork

3. Modern Owls in Fall, Hand-Painted Canvas

4. Daddy Glider in Choice of Fabric

5. Shaggy Raggy Cream Rug

6. Mini Library in Walnut

7. Sakura Crib

8. Lucy Life Size Giraffe

9. White Moroccan Leather Pouf

10. Classic Dresser in Walnut

Lost in Translation?

We’re proud to have customers from all over the world.  Truly.  And, it’s always an honor to be featured in the media.  Especially international media.  Yes, we still get excited about these things.

This came across our desks the other day.  We’re not sure where it’s from, or what it says, but clearly the implied translation is that this rocking boat is not only adorable here, but overseas as well.

And if you can help us out with a literal translation, we would be most obliged!

Designer Love

We often tell our clients to find a room, or elements of a room, that inspire them in the creation of their own spaces.  Whether it’s a piece of furniture, a fabric, a rug or a lamp, every successful room begins with a starting point around which the rest of the room can be built.

There are so many great sites and blogs out there right now providing design inspiration.  Which makes them a great place to start.

Interior decorators’ sites, in particular, are good places to start.  This company, Little Crown Interiors, designs beautiful rooms.  In particular, right now we’re loving the nursery the created for Laila Ali and Curtis Conway.

Since we carry many of the lines they feature in their designs on our site, we always love to see how designers are incorporating the pieces we also love into their designs. This talented team turns out  rooms that are fresh, creative and sophisticated.  All things Posh!



We’re in a beach frame of mind.  Where better to spend the lazy, hazy days of summer?  It’s sweltering outside, so why not seek some relief from the serenity of sand and surf?  It’s too hot here in Richmond.  It’s making us crabby.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, considering we’re surrounded by these beauties, which were just featured in the Baltimore Sun.  Turns out they’re crabby too, I guess.

Crawl on over to PoshLiving for bushels of crabs, as well as other seaside succulents.  For your home, of course.

And yes, we really went there.   Our brains offer up a unique hilarity when we’re melting.

1. Beach Crab Pillow

2. Chesapeake Pillow

3. Pier 6 Crab Canvas

4. Crab Framed Print

5. Oceans Crabs Artwork, Set of Four

Project Nursery

Despite the title, this isn’t a post about us.  Well, it is a little bit, but mostly it’s about a lovely site called Project Nursery.  Sounds like it’s right up our alley, no?

It’s a lovely (editorially, it would be frowned upon to use that word again, but really we can’t stress it enough) site devoted to kids’ spaces.  Join, and you have access to thousands of inspiration photos, or you can even share your own photos.  There’s a talented design team that provides design boards, like this one (featuring one of our Posh favorites, this pink drum table).  Follow their blog, grab some DIY ideas (if you’re into that sort of thing), and enter for giveaways.

We’re like kids in a candy store!

Once Upon a Time…

Yes, this post is about a princess.  A princess’s castle, that is.  Specifically, the Woodland Princess Castle.

Once upon a time,a  loving grandfather wanted to do something wonderful for his grandchildren.  He bought them the grandest castle.  Custom-made to be large enough for his grandchildren, the castle was built in the grandest of playrooms.  But it was missing something.  After overseeing the installation of this marvelous castle, Pam O’Halloran, PoshTots’ lead designer, decided the room needed a bit more magic.  The grandfather agreed, Pam waved her magic wand, and PoshTots’ talented muralist was dispatched  to the home to create a magical world worthy of such a grand structure.  The sky was the bluest blue, the forest was full of woodland creatures, beautiful and lush scenery, and even the family dog was included.  The children were delighted, which delighted the grandfather, which delighted the muralist, which delighted Pam.  And all was right with the world.

The End.

Let PoshTots create a fairy tale for your child.  From idea to installation, we’re there every step of the way to ensure that every detail is just right.  Our talented team will go to the ends of the earth (literally, and figuratively) to make sure magic happens.