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Posh Gym

Our employees are giving us a subtle hint that our workout room could use a little design help. We found this image taped to the door from the latest issue of Veranda. They have great taste we love the cabana ceiling treatment and wood plank walls.

Here is a shot of our current gym.

What are your remodeling recommendations for us?  What would you include in your dream gym?

Hot Houndstooth

I love magazines – home décor (of course), fashion, lifestyle – most any mag. After cooking dinner and getting my boys in bed, I find it relaxing (and fun) to sit down with the latest deliveries and my sticky notes.

Houndstooth: Elle Decor - March 2011

One of my faves is Elle Décor and I just can’t stop flipping through the March issue. It’s the houndstooth; I love it (see page 64). Heels, handbags, rain boots, a classic houndstooth blazer – all in my closet. And now?  Bedding, upholstery, window treatments – more to love! Houndstooth is timeless and the perfect touch for any décor. Try it with dog beds, rugs, an ottoman, accent chairs or even wall covering in a small bathroom.

~ Pam O’Hallaron, ASID

With more than twenty years of residential and commercial design experience, Pam O’Hallaron has a passion for presentation. An ASID member with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from VCU, Pam’s portfolio spans from law offices and technology companies to families trying to turn their house into a true home.

Pam joined PoshTots after the birth of her first child and is now the proud mother of three-year-old and eleven-year-old boys. With experience designing for children of all ages, Pam’s contribution to marketing, merchandising and the print catalogue has helped cultivate the luxurious, elegant and unique artistry PoshTots is known for.

A PoshTots partner and lead designer, Pam offers a creative vision that turns ordinary spaces into one-of-a-kind settings for making memories.

What’s new from NANCY GENT DESIGNS…

Meet our newest designer and guest blogger, Nancy Gent. This amazing artisan’s urban country creations not only caught our eye, they cleverly capture the contrast between big-city style and small-town charm.

Now, a few words from Nancy…

I’m a huge fan of country music, and like country music my designs tells a story.  I was inspired to create a piece of furniture after I heard my son read for the first time, felt the warmth of good hospitality while having supper with friends, and saw the need for smart storage with personality.  I have also been inspired not to create a piece when in the middle of the night, after too much wine and many rounds of darts while dancing to Al Green, I was unable to exit the guest room of a friend’s mountain home because I had rolled the trundle bed into the door.  I knew in that moment a trundle would never be part of my collection, and two twin LIAM beds would always be my response.

The last several months have provided much inspiration for what’s new at NANCY GENT DESIGNS.  Over the holidays I spent time getting acquainted with my biological father and his passion for restoring classic cars.  I learned on that trip where I get my attention to detail and love for design.  RICHARD, the tool box bed side table with casters, was created after the hospital called to tell me my father had escaped in his wheelchair.  He missed his cars…

Nancy Gent Designs

My big brother, Mike, is a re-use artist, so we collaborated on a platform bed constructed of horizontal reclaimed Cypress boards and vintage license plates, which I named QUINCY, after the Northern California town where he lives.

When it is 40+ degrees, you will find me shooting hoops with my son after school.  One afternoon a little boy dressed in a black polo shirt and khaki pants joined us.  He was six years old and could shoot an all-net free throw.  I introduced myself and told him he inspired me.  That evening I created HUTTON, constructed of alternately finished reclaimed Cypress boards in MIDNIGHT and SHOALS.

And after having a serious crush on a guy for six months and wondering if he would ever ask me out, I was inspired to create EDWARD, a rugged bed with 200 year old vertical boards reclaimed from the bottom of Cape Fear River.  Call it the Law of Attraction, but when my crush found out I designed a bed and named it after him, 8 days later we were in Vegas.  (curtsy)

It all comes from a place of love…

Nancy Gent
Nancy Gent Designs

Shop Nancy Gent Designs on PoshTots & PoshLiving.

Early spring!

I never thought I’d be so happy to see another overcast day.  Puxatawny Phil actually DIDN’T see his shadow, and so of course this means Spring is on its way.

This is GOOD news.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had about as much of winter as I can stand this year. Thankfully, I’m not in Chicago or the Northeast right now.  I see rain and an unseasonably warm day ahead.  I also see an irreversible case of Spring fever in my future.

Heavenly Holland Change-it-up Clutch

And so, I’m immersing myself in all things springy today!  Like this.  And this.  And this!

Happy Spring!!