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Parents Love Convertibles (and so do their babies)

Bratt Décor’s beautifully inventive convertible creation, J’adore, starts life as a cradle to safely cuddle your baby from newborn to 3-6 months (depending on the size and activity level of your child).

It converts to a gorgeous oval crib, wonderful in any nursery; especially well-suited to smaller spaces. Later, the daybed kit makes it a toddler daybed.

One piece of furniture fits your child’s needs until the age of four. Smart and lovely!

Available online exclusively at PoshTots, in finishes:

Venetian Gold  –  Distressed White  –  Pewter

J'adore Cradle / Crib


Want to see the entire Bratt Decor Collection? View it here. Looking for other convertible crib styles? We have lots; check them out!

More on convertible cribs from our friends at

No doubt, you’ll likely run into the convertible crib more than any other style. The option has a lot of appeal to parents who are looking for furniture that will last, not just for the baby and toddler years, but beyond.

What Do Convertible Cribs “Convert” Into?

Depending on the model, convertible cribs can transform into many other pieces of furniture. Combinations can include any of the following:

  • A crib
  • A toddler bed
  • A daybed: essentially the toddler bed without the toddler rail
  • A bench
  • A single bed
  • A double bed

If you see the distinction 2-in-1, it means that the convertible bed has 2 purposes (generally a crib/toddler bed). Likewise 3-in-1 will offer 3 purposes, and so on. This re-purposing of the crib can be a very economical purchase and save you the hassle of upgrading to toddler beds and full-size beds later on down the road.

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Hue Clues: Selecting a color for your baby’s nursery.

Imagine yourself walking into an empty room. You’re holding a can of paint. You set it down and pop open the lid; what do you see? Is it a cool or warm shade that’s light, bright or dark? Or is it… dun, dun, dun… a shade of white?

Have you entered the all-white zone or have you embraced color?

Selecting paint, especially for your baby’s first bedroom can be a daunting decision. Don’t dispare; this is a special time for memory making. Have fun and enjoy!

One of our favorite color tools can help – Colortopia – the blog has very useful info, you can ask questions (and get answers!) and the on-line tools are great.

Also, our friends at the Newborn Care blog, wanted to share some tips with you. They offer a quick rundown on color theory, coordinating a color scheme, safety and more.

How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Baby’s Room

Preparing a nursery for your upcoming bundle of joy is one of the major milestones you reach along the way to welcoming a new baby into the family, and is one of the most exciting tasks for many parents-to-be.

Choosing the perfect furniture and bedding that reflects your style while still ensuring that you’re adhering to the stringent safety guidelines put in place to protect babies means there are lots of things you’ll have to take into consideration during the planning process.

One of the first things on many parents’ to-do list, however, is to paint the nursery walls the perfect shade that creates a sanctuary for their little one. {Read More}

Some of our favorites: shades of blue, green, aqua/turquoise, gray, pink, tone-on-tone creams.