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Paint The Town Red

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d celebrate the color of passion with a few posh products and fun facts!

Little Queen of Love Youth Chair: Feng shui recommends painting your home’s front door red to invite prosperity.

Heart Canvas: “Painters use red like spice.” ~Derek Jarman

Junior Sky King Tricycle: The message you send by driving a vehicle that is vibrant red is one of speed and high energy.

Red Pettiskirt: Islamic, Hindu and Chinese brides traditionally wear red.

Stay Sweet Canvas Reproduction: The most popular berry fruit in the world, the deep red color of strawberries can brighten up both the taste and aesthetics of any meal.

New Primrose Throw Blanket in Choice of Color: Red is the first color you lose sight of at twilight.

Captivated by crimson? Unless you’re a bee and it’s a color you can’t see (true fact!), we think this hue is just right for you!

Baby Kimye!

Will Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s tot be perfectly posh? People Magazine chose our Fantasy Carriage Crib and French Changer as potential picks for the superstar couple’s cutie. Business Insider also picked 11 posh products!

The posh parents-to-be satisfying Kim’s sweet tooth! Pregnancy cravings perhaps?

Born from pixie dust and inspired imagination, Baby Kimye won’t need to pinch herself (we are hoping for a her!) – our Fantasy Carriage Crib is much more than a decor dream.

Or is it the Fantasy Coach they would fancy?

Of course, there is also the amazing Majestic Carriage Crib.

No celebrity nursery is complete without couture baby bedding!

For those who made a New Year’s resolution to eat right, fresh-picked décor will satisfy your cravings without the extra calories.

A pirate’s life for me! If Baby Kimye’s a boy, we think he’d love being first mate on this swashbuckler’s ship.

This cozy playhouse cottage has all the comforts of your own home – only smaller. It can be constructed with countless interior and exterior options, whether it’s cable, running water, electricity, central air or a wireless communication system.

With silver and gold gilding, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate changer for this positively platinum pair.

Read more about People Magazine’s 12 Over-the-Top Baby Gifts for Kim, Kanye and their baby bump at and Business Insider’s 11 Extravagant Pieces of Baby Furniture Fit for Kim & Kanye’s Nursery at

The Gift

Everyone has that one holiday gift that will forever be “The Gift.” It’s the one you begged, pleaded and pined for, wrote letters to Santa about and claimed the leading role in your dreams in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Like Ralphie’s Red Ryder BB gun in A Christmas Story, you don’t care if it will “shoot your eye out.” All you know is that unwrapping it will be one of the most blissful moments ever committed to memory. What was The Gift for you? Your posh pals share theirs below:

Cathy (Design Consultant) – “I wanted a Schwinn Banana-Seat Bicycle in green. I wanted this soooooooo badly when I was in third grade and eight or nine years old. I kept asking my parents over and over for it and I eventually received one for Christmas from Santa. It was the best Christmas ever. The only downside? It had snowed the night before – three feet of snow, no less! It was days before I could ride it, but the anticipation made the gift even better.”

Erin (Merchandiser) – “When I tried to recall a gift I wanted as a child, I assumed an image of a bike, doll or dollhouse would have popped in my head. Nope, ALF was ALL I wanted and I finally got him one Christmas as a tiny tot. I watched the show religiously and thought ALF was the coolest! No Barbies, no makeup, nothing frilly – just a little alien from Melmac to make my Christmas magical.”

Jason (Merchandiser) – “Super Mario Bros. 3, the third official console release for the Mario series. It opened up the world Mario traveled in, redefined the art style and introduced new power-ups, enemies and gameplay mechanics. I daydreamed about this game for months. I hunted down every screenshot I could find – any news from Japan was like a little whisper of what it might be. When I finally got it, nothing else existed, and I disappeared until I had memorized and explored every pixel.”

Sarah (Marketing) – “In addition to authoring a fictional novel that would rival the beloved Judy Blume, my youthful aspirations also involved being a part-time veterinarian/animal whisperer. Enter the Pound Puppy. Unfortunately, having parents with pet allergies was putting a damper on my dreams, so I would have to settle for something stuffed. It’s a good thing too, because I don’t think a real puppy would’ve enjoyed being force-fed plastic bones and being repeatedly bandaged – brings new meaning to Happy Howlidays!”

Carley (Marketing/Graphic Design) – “Last Christmas, I was pregnant and my 20-week (gender-revealing) ultrasound was on December 22nd. We knew we wanted to find out the gender of our baby before birth, but we also wanted an intimate setting for the reveal. My husband and I decided to ask our OB to write the gender down on a card and seal it. She was absolutely thrilled with the idea and wrote on the card “Resist the Urge” and “Wait for Christmas!” It was an excruciatingly long three days and, of course, I could barely sleep on Christmas Eve as my mind ran wild with wonder. On Christmas morning, we opened the card and discovered we’d be welcoming a beautiful baby boy in May. It was the best Christmas gift I ever could’ve received!”

From our posh family to yours, we hope this holiday season leaves you with tacky leg lamps of plenty and a ban on embarrassing, full-body bunny costumes.

The Princess and PoshTots in People Magazine

Prince William and Kate’s baby is all the buzz these days and we’ve admittedly come down with a touch of British-baby fever. We were beyond thrilled to read that British maternity guru Rosie Pope thinks our posh pram will be perfect for the royal tot…or tots! Is the talk of twins true? We hope so!

We also loved People magazine’s look back at William’s parents in their pram prime. Prince Charles and Princess Diana are pictured above in their own Silver Cross prams.

The Silver Cross Balmoral Pram truly is the Rolls-Royce of tot transportation.

Silver Cross first began designing carriages for babies in 1877 when inventor William Wilson, in need of suitable transport for his own children, created the very first baby pram! Since then, these posh prams have answered the call of over 10 million parents – includinging the world’s royalty. We hope Rosie is right and that Kate and William add this pram to the royal baby registry.

As Seen in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

The December issue of Pregnancy & Newborn is packed with posh products. From a chair fit for a queen (or princess) to a fabulously fashion-forward baby bag, we’ve got some great holiday gifts!

The Little Queen of Love Youth Chair in Red Passion and Madame Pillow in Black and White are definitely regal enough for royalty. (Speaking of, we hear William and Kate are expecting a little heir of their own!)

Two lucky readers will win our Exclusively Posh Mosaic Roll Boxy Backpack by Petunia and a $50 gift card. Enter to win here at Pregnancy & Newborn‘s website. The contest closes on December 31, 2012.

Nursery November Finalists

Thank you to all the posh pals who entered our Nursery November Contest and created their dream nursery on Pinterest. Picking just six winners was a tough task with all the spectacular spaces, so we decided to pick nine! Here they are, in no particular order:

Dennis Francis Rothbauer

Valerie Epps

Sheena Pirlot

Sarah Wade

Sabrina Shaw

Marcy Naismith

Lori Ferguson

Eliza Skenandore

Heather Carter

Please visit our Facebook page to vote for your favorite(s). Finalists have until Friday, November 30th at noon EST to get as many votes (likes) as they can. Our three prize winners will also be announced on Facebook on Friday, November 30th. (Grand Prize – Tutu Tulle Nursery or a $2,500 Gift Certificate, 2nd Prize – $1,000 Gift Certificate, 3rd Prize – $500 Gift Certificate)

Thanks again to everyone who entered – we were blown away by your inspired imagination!

The Talent Behind Our Teepees: An Interview with Lori

Lori, the brains behind our posh teepee bungalows, gave us some insight on how she creates this special space. Sort of makes you want to snuggle into one-piece pajamas for a sleepover again, right?

Modern Chic Teepee

When did you come up with the idea for a kids’ teepee? We want to know more about how your creative business started!

In 2003, my former business partner and I were looking at a similar product that was given as a gift and I said to her, ‘I can make that!’ It was a cute version of a tent but, to me, it seemed it could use some improvements and a little more style and flair. Obviously, we did not invent the teepee, but I believe we designed a whole new kind of children’s teepee with a focus on high-end quality and plenty of style that is still simple to put up and take down. We worked on the design for six months before we actually brought it to market. The design itself looks so simple now, but it took a lot of work to make it function as well as it does – and still be captivating to the consumer. It’s quite a process when you take the plunge into a new business venture, but we jumped in with both feet. The design was patented and we were off and running. Nine years later, the original design hasn’t changed and the quality remains top notch.

How do you always choose fabulous, unique fabrics for your handcrafted teepees with the endless sea of options out there?

My production crew and I are always on the search for the latest and greatest fabrics. We only use high-quality drapery-weight fabrics and are very picky about the richness of the colors and the feel of the fabric. We love to get feedback from our customers about what they would like to see as far as colors or patterns. Finding the right type of fabric that is fun for kids, yet appealing to parents and still meets our requirements on color and quality certainly makes it a challenge. We try to offer a large selection that would meet the different needs of our customers. Some customers like bold, some like the soft and subtle and some like a gender-neutral teepee so it can be a gift for more than one child. Whatever the needs, we try to meet them, and we even do custom teepees; so if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can work together to make a one-of-a-kind teepee.

Your company tagline is that “everyone needs a little space.” What has been the most rewarding thing about creating this special space for little ones?

Over the years, we have received so many wonderful stories about how excited the children have been upon receiving their teepee. It certainly does carry a “wow” factor because of the size and colors. What child isn’t immediately intrigued with a toy or space they can crawl right into? The praise we have received in being able to provide an heirloom-quality toy that inspires creativity and imagination – and that both children and adults love – has been our greatest accomplishment. We’re proud of what we do and thrilled that our customers have all seen the need for children to have a space to call their own and chosen our products to meet that need.

How does it feel when you spot one of your teepees in someone’s home? We also can’t resist asking, have you ever been pleasantly surprised to see a certain celeb or well-know personality using one of your clever creations?

It’s always interesting when you speak to someone who has one in their home, has seen you in a certain magazine or saw the products on a website or a blog. It makes you feel good that you have a memorable product and that people appreciate what you’re doing. We participated in a Hollywood Baby Shower as well as the Screen Actors Guild Awards so we’ve had some great opportunities to get our products to quite a few well-known celebrities. One of my favorite stories is when Gwyneth Paltrow’s assistant called us from London to share the fact that upon arriving in London, Apple was unhappy to learn that her teepee was left in New York. So, they promptly purchased another teepee for their London home. My kids love that Jack Black purchased one for his son and one of my personal favorites is that Pierce Brosnan turned in his SAG Award certificate for a teepee. It’s pretty cool when a popular James Bond actor has a teepee! Oh, and there was a real princess living in Paris, France who purchased an Old West Red Teepee for her daughter. I just thought that was pretty cool that she didn’t purchase what you might think a princess would purchase, like a Paper Dolls or Pretty Paisley for her daughter, but chose the Old West Red for her own princess.

What is on your iPod right now? Your favorite book? Go-to website?

My iPod is all over the place. I have top twenty songs, music from the 80’s, country, classic rock, pop, 70’s disco music, hair-band tunes and even a little old school rap. My latest downloads have been “Home” by Phillip Phillips, “Locked out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars and “Some Nights” by Fun.

My favorite books are The Hunger Games, Pride and Prejudice – I thought The Secret was very interesting – and yes, I’m a Twilight series fan.

Go-to website: Google. Google. Google. I Google everything.

It has surely been a rewarding year for your ever-blossoming business. What does the future hold for you and your talented team?

We will continue our relentless quest for the newest and most interesting fabrics in the market for our teepees. We are also looking into some licensing options that could really be interesting and open a whole new market for us. New products are in the works as well; all with creative and imaginative play in mind.

Well, here at PoshTots, we are excited to be a part of all the new adventures that unfold! Check out Lori’s entire collection here and score free shipping and 10% savings on her lovely line through November 26th. Also, check out the PoshTots Facebook page today, November 19th, for a teepee giveaway. One winner will be announced on Monday and will receive their choice of teepee!

Take Me to Italy! A Tale of Cindy’s Travels…

Day 1 – Just landed in Florence, Italy to find they have opened their new airport. I do love Florence – the art and culture, the cathedrals and churches and, of course, the shopping. Which led me to the artisans that have become friends. Now that I am COO/CFO of PoshTots and PoshLiving, my focus for this visit is on making it possible for you to buy these wonderful handmade products that have decorated my homes in Florida and Virginia since discovering them on small side streets of Florence over the past five years. In fact, I am staying in an apartment near the Ponte Vecchio owned by a ceramics artisan and formerly lived in by Machiavelli!

So…the apartment is not fancy but has great ceramics and is right across the street from a wonderful pastry shop.

Day 2 – I had forgotten how fresh and wonderful the food is here. The Porcini mushrooms and white truffles are in season! I enjoyed the mushrooms on my pasta, as a side and on my salad with shaved truffles on top of my pasta.

Before I left the US, I picked up a copy of Foder’s Florence’s 25 Best, always wanting to try new stores and restaurants. Much to my surprise, my friend, hostess and ceramics artisan, Mery’s gallery was listed as “the place” to buy ceramics. (So much for my secret source!) I do think their description is perfect – “Tucked away down a narrow alleyway…this pretty little shop is full to the brim with brightly coloured Italian ceramics, which are guaranteed to cheer up your home.” Now you will not have to travel to Florence because I have selected two of her hand-painted patterns to be featured on our PoshLiving site. Each item will be handmade and hand painted by the artist just for you so it can be personalized and will be available to ship to you directly from Mery. I selected a very traditional Tuscan pattern that can be done in red, blue or green on a pale background and that reminded me of the tapestries and damask fabrics that are popular right now. I also selected a very unique pattern of fruits and vegetables in reds, oranges and yellows on a background of either black or white. I love the detail in the painting – each piece is a masterpiece!

The perfect vessel for your olive oil.

I’m not sure whether to hang this or use it for the Thanksgiving turkey! The detail is amazing.

Day 3 – Today, I traveled into the hills just outside of Florence to visit Savio Firmino, who has agreed to design an exclusive line of children’s furniture for PoshTots. Their Notte Fatata line of hand-carved children’s heirloom pieces is unparalleled and we feel privileged to have been selected to sell their only exclusive design. Together with Savio Firmino, we sent their hand-carved wood and leather rocking bassinet as a shower gift to Giuliana and Bill Rancic and it immediately became the centerpiece of the event. Touring their factory reinforced my understanding of the craftsmanship and time involved to create each piece – often months! I wish everyone’s home could have their castle bunk bed with built in five-drawer dresser, shelves, display cabinet and hand-carved details that can include your family crest.

I met Amadeo Savio, the CEO and design creator, and his wife. They are the third generation of the family and Amadeo sketches each design by hand before turning it over to his team. The designs are works of art and many are framed around the offices. Most of my time was spent with Cosimo Savio, the COO and Amadeo’s nephew, and Simone Pellegrini, who is responsible for the US market. We discussed their business plans for growth in the US and the ways we could work together in the future (including carrying their complete furniture line on PoshLiving!). From sofas to dining sets to marble inlaid tables and magnificent mirrors, all of their pieces have the feel of being crafted for royalty.

After a delicious lunch with them in a 17th-century trattoria of Florentine beef, more porcini and lardo bruschetta (yes, that translates to lard but tastes amazing), we visited the set of a movie being filmed nearby that Cosimo is producing and hoping to premiere at Cannes.

That is me on the left, one of the lead actors in the middle and Cosimo Savio on the right.

Day 4 – Traveled by train to Siena, my favorite medieval, walled city and – this is the finance side of me – where the oldest continuously operating bank was established (probably to hold all the Medici fortune!). I was on the hunt for some Tuscan linens and found a few hand-stamped items to think about. I just wasn’t sure they were “Posh” enough. I met a friend for lunch at my favorite restaurant, La Taverna di San Giuseppe, up a hill in an Etruscan cave in the “Dolphin or Ocean” condado. Siena is known for its Palio horse race in the town center, where the condado’s each enter a horse that is first blessed inside their local chapel. You get a glimpse of it in the opening scenes of a recent James Bond film.

Day 5 – I continued my pursuit of hand-woven Tuscan fabrics, bedding and tablecloths on the backstreets of Florence. I finally found what I was looking for in a small shop that backs up to the River Arno. Run by an interior designer with very high standards, my challenge was convincing her she should work with us to bring her unique items to the US. She was working on a beautiful bedding set with tiny bees on the duvet cover and damask shams and bedskirts that I fell in love with. Her Tuscan handwoven hanging headboards were unique and are sure to catch on here. Stay tuned.

Day 6 – My last day is spent purchasing leather goods to bring home to family and friends. An exhausting day visiting so many leather shops and the leather school (after paying homage to Michelangelo and Galileo in the church, Santa Croce, where their tombs are and which you cut through to get to the leather school) yields 1 pair of shoes, 2 pairs of boots, 3 sets of gloves, 4 wallets and a rolling carryon to bring it all home in. Okay, so that did not include the leather jacket I picked up earlier at the straw market or the cookies from Caffe Gilli where I discovered the most amazing hot chocolate you drink at the bar. I departed early in the morning after a final meal at a small trattoria in the Santo Spirito district, frequented mostly by locals and known for its Boar. Of course, afterwards I visited my favorite gelateria for the homemade chocolate orange gelato. Ciao – or should I say Chow (the food really is delicious)?!?

Nursery November Contest

PoshTots and Newport Cottages are celebrating Nursery November! Discover your design dreams and explore the eclectic by creating a dream nursery on Pinterest. Cribs, gliders, bedding, artwork, lighting – use whatever posh pieces inspire your imagination. It can be a boy’s or girl’s room or gender neutral (for the couple not finding out until baby is born!). See our inspirational board here!

• Be sure to follow PoshTots on Pinterest

• Start a Pinterest board named “PoshTots Nursery November” and start pinning PoshTots pieces that you would use to create your dream nursery. At least one item must come from the Newport Cottages collection, found here.

• Make sure to tag your pins: #PoshTotsNursery

• E-mail us a link to your board at: [email protected]

• The contest opens today and ends at 11:59pm EST on Monday, November 26, 2012. Be sure to create your boards before then! On Tuesday, November 27th, our design team will choose our six favorites and post them to both Facebook and the posh blog.

• When all the entries are posted, we’ll open the voting on Facebook. Finalists will have through Friday at noon EST to get as many votes (likes) as they can. The winners will be announced on Friday, November 30th at 5pm EST.

• First prize is a Juliana Crib, Juliana Dresser, Tutu Tulle Crib Bedding and Shaggy Raggy Pink Rug (retail value of this nursery is $4,253) OR a $2500 PoshTots gift certificate, second prize is a $1000 PoshTots gift certificate and third prize is a $500 PoshTots gift certificate.

Good luck and happy posh pinning!

Happy Halloween!

There’s nothing quite like cruising the neighborhood for candy with your little unicorn, bumblebee, super hero or goblin – even if the sugar crash that inevitably follows is a spooky sight. But what do you do with all that leftover candy once this happy holiday has passed?

-Freeze it and add it to milkshakes, sundaes, ice cream and cookie dough.

-Bake it into cakes and brownies or make your own trail mix.

-Put it on the Thanksgiving table or take it to the office. (If someone else eats it, you won’t have the guilt, right?!?!?)

-Make a gingerbread house with the kids.

What other suggestions do you have for curbing candy consumption after Halloween while still enjoying the spoils of the season? Do tell!