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I know, I know, this is something we talk about a lot here.  But, hey, it’s part of our tag line for a reason.

Sixx Designs
Sixx Designs

On a personal note, I’m finally getting around to redoing my littlest son’s room, as well as my daughter’s room.  Two room makeovers at once!  Chaos, truly.  But as a result, I’ve been perusing the internet, consulting decorating books and magazines, and pulling out all my old Domino magazines (oh Domino, how I miss you!).  I aspire to think outside the box, to leave my traditionally decorated upbringing behind to create rooms for them that are warm, creative and fun.  And I need help doing that, because I am a product of the 1980s Williamsburg/Americana-inspired interiors.  It’s why I papered my son’s wall with antique maps and it’s why I created silhouettes of my little girl with fun fabrics to capture the happy, quiet beauty of little girls.

Latest inspirations:


Style Carrot


Sixx Designs
Sixx Designs

Among others.  Honestly, I’ve probably spent WAAY to much time surfing for ideas.  Finishing touches to the latest rooms await.

You get the idea.  Where are your favorite sites for inspiration?  Oh, do share!

It’s a Barbie World

Yesterday’s Daily Candy Kids (don’t get their newsletters?  you should.  you won’t regret it) featured the ever-fashionable Barbie and her, well, fashions, a la Tiny Frock Shop, an online store specializing in Barbie fashion dating as far back as the 1920s.  Ah, memories.  I used to spend hours in the toy store debating what to buy, a $2 bill (remember those?) burning a hole in my pocket and indecision burning a hole in my brain.  Wanting to find just the perfect item for her to wear — it was my first unforgettable brush with fashion.  And now, there’s even vintage!

Vintage Barbie Prints

It just goes to show, some things just never go out of style.  Barbie certainly doesn’t.  And neither do her clothes.  And nothing immortalizes those fashion memories the way these Fashion Barbie Prints do.

What are your Barbie memories?

Seeing Spots

The other day, as we were installing crown molding in my daughter’s room, I shocked my husband by making a rather odd request:  if something ever happens to me, please make sure that our little girl always has polka dots in her life.

I realize now the timing was wrong.  The poor man nearly gave himself a concussion.

Moms think about things like that.  Call us crazy, and morbid, but we do.

Garden Ballet Bedding

So, I felt the need to secure a little plan for her future.  See, I’ve always loved polka dots.  They’re cheerful, happy (yes I realize those two words mean the same thing, but I’m trying to make a point), playful and fun.  They feel like Spring!  You never outgrow polka dots, and they instantly brighten any space.  They’re the epitome of femininity.  And they are timeless.

See spots now?  Have a quick spring fling on us.  There now, don’t you feel happier?

Caddy Shack

So, thinking about Groundhog Day got me thinking about Caddyshack. And Bill Murray.

Which led me to this.

Now, I know it’s a gopher.  I googled “gopher” and “groundhog” and “what’s the difference between a gopher and a groundhog” and there IS a difference.  Groundhogs are bigger and can swim.  But let’s face it, they’re both rodents, they look alike and have funny movies made about them.  STARRING BILL MURRAY!

I wonder if kids today will understand the humor in this artwork?  I haven’t stopped giggling since I saw it.  Thinking about ordering it and its counterpart for my son’s room.  He’ll think it’s a little funny and weird — typical of his mother.


I prefer to think I’m clever and funny.  But oh well.  To each his own.

What do you think?  Is this artwork something you’d “gopher?”

(And,now you know WHY my kids think I’m weird.)

Daydream in Beautiful Color

Uh-oh. We did it again.

Our World Canvas Reproduction

We forgot what we were supposed to be doing (work, complete with deadlines), because we got sidetracked.  By these.

New Canvas Reproductions at PoshTotsIt’s PoshTots’ newest artwork…and we’re in love.  And now, all we can think about is getting our hands on it.  For our children, of course.

Inspiration has hit.  Our brains are spinning.  The Design Consultants are busy concocting design boards in their heads, fingers furiously clicking their mouses (mice?) as they flit from bedding to rugs to lamps…concocting room plans around this seriously fun and clever art.

It’s the kind of happy accident that happens all the time here.  We may dream in black and white, but we daydream in beautiful color.

Make Mine Pint-Sized, Please

Seating for Girls & BoysI adore children’s furniture.  Not just children’s furnishings (well, I like that too, this IS PoshTots after all)…I’m talking about pint-sized furniture made for pint-sized people.

When I was a kid, I had a little rocker.  And a kid-sized table and chairs.  They were wood, they were cute.  The rocker was red and had owls decoupaged onto the back (it was the 70s).  I don’t really remember the rocker much, but we used the table and chairs all the time.

Kids’ furniture today is, well, it’s totally different than what I had (and don’t I sound like your grandmother saying that?).  Overstuffed arm chairs, sleek modern sofas, tufted ottomans (a stylish throwback to the bean bag)…much more sophisticated than my decoupaged rocker.

Seating for Girls & BoysI love these poufs, the Marimekko covered modern chairs, and the Little Castle classics, like the Royal Chair.  My daughter has a pink one, but I love that they can be customized.  She’s getting bigger, but I’m hoping for a couple more good years with it.  Now that she’s reading, it’s a cozy spot for her to curl up with a good book.  One day, maybe her daughter will do the same.

Like what you see?  Find more kids’ seating ideas here.  Be sure to contact a Design Consultant about customization!

Secret Hiding Place

Growing up and sharing a room with my sister, I longed for a space to call my own.  I even tried to rig a blanket between the wall and my bed to create a cave where I could shut out the world around me and read a book without distraction.  Of course, the little caves I made never remained mine for long. But after the initial sister invasion and the ire that ensued, inevitably we’d snuggle in there together and whisper our secrets to each other.  Completely cut off from the rest of the world.  Or, at least, OUR world.

Teepees for Girls
Teepees for Girls

Now that I’m a mother, I recognize the importance of my children having their own space, and we are fortunate that our house allows this.  However, that doesn’t prevent them from making little “caves” of their own from time to time to shut everything out.  Even in the quiet of their own room, all that stuff — the furniture, the toys and books and pictures — can be so loud.  And while they crave space without distraction, I just want to find the throws for the living room (that they use for their caves) when I feel cold.

Teepees for Boys
Teepees for Boys

These teepees are the perfect compromise.  A secret hiding spot with a door to block out the world, even for just a little while.  They love the coziness and the privacy — I love the fun designs.  (And being able to find my throws!)  The best part is that they collapse and stow away, nicely, into the closet.

Making them not just a secret hiding place, but a magical secret hiding place.

I See the Future.

And it’s full of stuff.  Specifically toys and games and books and stuffed animals and dolls and movies and video games.   With Christmas right around the corner, my children are making their lists.  Long, long lists.  Which means stuff, stuff and more stuff.  And a need for somewhere to put it all.

I’m a storage snob.  I can’t stow it just anywhere.  Even my attempts at organization have to look good.  I don’t DO plastic bins.  I am what I am.  No apologies.

Teddy Organizer with Removable Buckets

So my thoughts are turning to stylish storage for their rooms and playroom.  Like the Teddy Organizer.  I could just DIE over those buckets.  I have galvanized buckets everywhere, in every size, so this very much appeals to me.  I also love stylish baskets, like this one.  Because you can tuck them in the corner and they still look good.  The Posh Palette Large Console is another favorite, because of the cubbies.  And the colors.  And the shelves.  And the cabinets.  This baby’s got it all!

Color-Coded Storage

Yes, I predict more stuff.  Too much stuff.  But I also predict stylish stowing of said stuff.  That’s MY future.