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Are you one of our Facebook friends?  If so, then you’ve already seen this juicy post.  If you’re not, then this post is for you (and you should friend us, because friends hear about sales and deals first).

I saw a picture of this tween room and got thirsty.  That sounds crazy, but admit it, this room is literally dripping with juicy color.  So much juicy, saturated color.  See, you’re getting a little thirsty, aren’t you?  Your mouth is literally watering right now, huh?

Ava Bedding Collection

I told you.

We love these vibrant hues for bold, energetic, free-spirited tweens.  They scream fun and confidence and personality. Check out all coordinating and complementing items here.

Off to pour myself a drink….


I know, I know, this is something we talk about a lot here.  But, hey, it’s part of our tag line for a reason.

Sixx Designs
Sixx Designs

On a personal note, I’m finally getting around to redoing my littlest son’s room, as well as my daughter’s room.  Two room makeovers at once!  Chaos, truly.  But as a result, I’ve been perusing the internet, consulting decorating books and magazines, and pulling out all my old Domino magazines (oh Domino, how I miss you!).  I aspire to think outside the box, to leave my traditionally decorated upbringing behind to create rooms for them that are warm, creative and fun.  And I need help doing that, because I am a product of the 1980s Williamsburg/Americana-inspired interiors.  It’s why I papered my son’s wall with antique maps and it’s why I created silhouettes of my little girl with fun fabrics to capture the happy, quiet beauty of little girls.

Latest inspirations:


Style Carrot


Sixx Designs
Sixx Designs

Among others.  Honestly, I’ve probably spent WAAY to much time surfing for ideas.  Finishing touches to the latest rooms await.

You get the idea.  Where are your favorite sites for inspiration?  Oh, do share!


A while back on our blog, we featured Gwyneth Paltrow’s children’s room in her Nashville apartment.  It was posted on her blog, Goop, as well.  It features our Boardwalk Bunk Bed in Eggplant.  We’ve always loved how just the right amount of purple can lend a whimsical, yet sophisticated touch to any space.

And now, we’ve discovered that it is, once again, featured on this amazing site, Nursery Notations.  Which is great for three reasons:  1) because it means that other people feel the same way we do about purple, and 2) because we discovered an amazing new site.  It’s so well done, and it speaks to our very nature as nursery connoisseurs, of sorts.  We love finding new inspiration, and this site reads like a luxurious magazine.

Oh, the third reason:  they dig the purple too!

Purple Passion

  1. Turtledove Child’s Love Seat in Leather
  2. Lavender Floral Bouquet Lamp
  3. Lovely Lavender Bedding
  4. Lilac Braided Rug
  5. Flourishes Ribbon Tutu in Purple
  6. Lavender Daisy Knob
  7. Parson’s Cork Board
  8. Birdie Wall Sticker in Violet

Early spring!

I never thought I’d be so happy to see another overcast day.  Puxatawny Phil actually DIDN’T see his shadow, and so of course this means Spring is on its way.

This is GOOD news.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had about as much of winter as I can stand this year. Thankfully, I’m not in Chicago or the Northeast right now.  I see rain and an unseasonably warm day ahead.  I also see an irreversible case of Spring fever in my future.

Heavenly Holland Change-it-up Clutch

And so, I’m immersing myself in all things springy today!  Like this.  And this.  And this!

Happy Spring!!

Style File: Bold Navy and White

Clean and crisp, nautical inspired navy and white pops up almost every Spring fashion season.  Spring 2011 is no exception.  We love the classic combination, whether it’s on a tank top, like this top by Jil Sander, or in a tot’s room.

Which gives us an idea…

Style File: Bold Navy and White

1. Lewis Pendant
2. Jil Sander Striped Dress
3. Ronan Bedding
4. Evan Tall Bookcase
5. Gavin Baby Bedding
6. Tulips Sashay Satchel
7. Navy Deco Frame Rug

Very Versailles

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Like the mirrored ball dropping in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.  OK, so it’s technically not “mirrored” but those thousands of tiny Swarovski crystals sure have that effect.  And I began thinking about reflections.  Unfortunately, not the “deep thoughts” kind.  The pretty, shiny, sparkly kind.

Alayna Cabinet

I’ve been coveting the mirrored vanities I’ve seen popping up in every decorating magazine I purchase.  So chic and elegant, so romantic, so…WOW.  I adore them, but honestly I’m not sure I have the panache to pull it off.   Or maybe I do…

Chelsea Cradle in Antique Silver

Metallic finishes, whether mirrored or merely painted on, transport me to the opulent halls of Versailles.  That opulence is gorgeous, albeit perhaps a bit overwhelming, but if you stick with key pieces (an elegant but not too frou-frou dresser, an ornate cut glass mirror, or a clever light fixture), you too can bring a little piece of the romance of Versailles into your home.