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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!As another year winds down, we take the time to reflect on what’s important in life:  family, friends, health, love and laughter.  Happiness, joy and peace come in tow.  These are the blessings we have been granted. We put our hardships aside, even just for a little while, to appreciate the wonder and magic of the season.

Fortune has smiled benevolently upon us here at PoshTots, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t experienced low tide.  But, truly, we are lucky to be doing what we love – inspired by the people we love most in the world…our children.  And yours.

Thank you to all our wonderful customers, vendors, artisans, staff and supporters.  We are truly blessed.

Happy Holidays!

Let it Stroll, Baby, Stroll

Flyer by Bumbleride in VitaAs a purveyor of all things pint-sized and posh, we are constantly surveying the parents we pass to gain some perspective into our products.  Hey, we love ALL of our products, but we can’t have everything.  So, we pick and choose our faves.  What’s interesting is seeing what faves are picked elsewhere.

This time of  year, our sights are set on the stroller.  Christmas shopping of its own accord is close to a nightmare, but add a kid or two and all their accoutrements and, well, you better hope your kid gear and gadgets are still holding up.

Navigating holiday crowds is hard enough, but add a bulky stroller and it’s madness.  When my children were babies (there I go again, sounding just like my grandmother always did), I had a double tandem stroller that was huge and bulky and heavy.  I had to push it bent at a 90-degree angle to gain the power necessary to make it move.

Times have changed.  Strollers now pivot and swivel and collapse and expand…very space-age considering what I had to deal with.  I vaguely remember standing on the non-collapsing stroller in the parking lot, trying in vain to get it to fold.  ALL.  THE.  WAY.  DOWN.

Strollers today give the city slicker (or suburban mall mom) sleek maneuverability.  We likey. Very, very much.

Baby Jogger City Mini Single Strollers

Expecting a baby?  Check out our whole collection.  There’s something for the city slicker or mall mom in all of us.

Festivals, Foliage, Fun

© Photos by DashOutside of summer vacation or spring break, is there a better time of the year to spend with the fam?  I mean, seriously, between the pumpkin patches and apple orchards and hay rides…not to mention perfect weather for exploring history, or even spending the day at an amusement park.  We heart fall family fun!

The fact that Halloween is thrown into the mix is nothing but a sweet bonus.  After the craziness of back-to-school, I’m ready for a break in the weather and a break in routine.  I’m setting off with my chickens in search of fall fun. and are great resources for finding fall festivals and happenings around the country.  Prepared to be scared?  Check out ghost walks, like this one.  A quick trip onto Google will net you a slew of family-oriented activities and getaways.

Have an idea for family time?  Or a fall getaway?  Do share!

A Miracle in Motion

Graceful in all things, Kim was in the midst of motherhood (a 3-year-old bundle of energy named Logan), pregnancy (twins!) and Miracles in Motion, a dance program she developed for children with disabilities.  A dance instructor, she was inspired to create Miracles in Motion by her son Logan, who has Down’s Syndrome.  Logan also has a heart condition that requires surgery. Although Kim’s dance card is always full, she handled her busy schedule, her child’s health needs, and preparing for twins all in stride.


Now imagine converting a cozy 10”x10” office into a nursery.  A challenge, but definitely doable.  Now imagine a nursery for twins in that small space – a true test.

Gibson & Isabella's new room make-over.
Gibson & Isabella's new room make-over.

After meeting Kim through Miracles in Motion and learning about Kim’s decorating dilemma, Andrea Edmunds, co-founder of, was inspired.  And she decided this was a challenge she and partner Pam O’Hallaron would love to tackle.  They were honored to help Kim and her family turn that tiny office into a twin nursery – now home to their family’s new additions – Gibson and Isabella.

Andrea and Pam set to work creating a sun drenched space that would feel spacious, not spare.  They brought the outdoors in through paint colors and the mural created by Angie, a PoshTots talented staffer.  The mural was inspired by Kim’s husband Johnny, who sang Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” to Logan as a baby.  Now those little birds hold watch over the tiny twins.  Crisp whites, butter yellows and more of the lovely green render the space unisex, but still decidedly “baby” and lighten the room, creating a warm, tranquil environment that this busy mom craved.

Lovely, no?

To see more of the transformation, view the album on Facebook.

Dog Days…

As hot as it’s been here in Richmond, I’d say the dog days of summer are upon us.  Of course, with Richmond weather, the dog days of summer last all.  summer.  long.  Hot, long, hazy days.  My dog, an aging Lab, hasn’t stopped panting now for three weeks.  I swear I can work up a sweat just thinking about them.

You know the saying…”if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”  So, here, our tribute to the lovable namesakes of these endless, blistering summer days.  As Lance would say, “Woof!”

Dog Days Canvas Reproductions
Dog Days Canvas Reproductions

Dad’s Day

This is a last-minute post, because lately I’m a last-minute kind of gal.  June gets out of control so quickly, between birthdays and father’s day and the end of school and the onset of summer activities and camps and swim team and stinking hot weather.  Try as I might, I just can’t seem to get my act together for Father’s Day.  Which is upsetting, because I’m blessed with a wonderful dad, an amazing husband and fantastic father-in-law.

And so, this year, I’ve decided to give the gift of self.  Gift cards to purchase, for themselves, whatever they want without having to feel guilty.  For my husband, the gift of self  means a day of golf, uninterrupted USOpen coverage on the tube, and a cookout with his best friends — all of whom became dads simultaneously and all of whom have celebrated together ever since.

Think about it.  Dads give so much of themselves to their families…what better gift than to give a little bit of that back to them??

My Mama Told Me…

…more like my mama showed me!

Since entering the hallowed halls of mama-dom, inordinate quantities of my mother’s maternal methodology have been assimilated — often shockingly so — into my own parenting protocol.

Surely, you know the surprising “traditions” to which I refer — those “when I’m a mother, I’ll never _____” rituals that until becoming a parent yourself, you’re blissfully unaware the maligned mommy-moves are hereditary. Cases in point: licking a finger in order to remove mystery schmutz from a baby’s face, the sing-songy “airplane into the hangar” spoon maneuver/food enticement method, and the repeated panic calls to the night nurse on duty…

Time to prepare for the mother of all days.  Speak openly with your would-be gift givers about what would make this Mother’s Day most memorable for you: a transcendent trip, an insightful investment, a tchotchke worth cherishing.

This year, I’m tapping into yet another of my mother’s annual observances. On Mother’s Day eve, some petite hands will be placed in Plaster of Paris — simply for sentiment’s sake.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!