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Back-to-School Cool: Nooks For Books

As your kids prepare to take on a new school year, you may notice they have a lot more… stuff. With every year of school, their book and art collections seem to grow immensely.

So what are you to do? You don’t want cluttered spaces and it just wouldn’t feel right to get rid of treasured books, projects and educational materials. Sounds like you’re in need of the perfect new bookcase!

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Find fun shelving that will keep your children interested in their growing collection of reading material. Whether going in a bedroom, playroom, office, or any other space, these bookcases appeal to kids and parents alike and will have everyone taking notice. After all, no one likes a dusty old library.

Check out our other Posh options for bookcases here.

Necessary Nesting

We all know women don’t lay eggs, but building their nest is an essential process in becoming a mother. First time mother-to-be and Posh Pal, Priya Marie, was compelled to share her story when nesting into a cozy, owl nursery helped her create a special bond with her baby on the way.

Priya Blog

“My nesting pretty much started the day I found out I was pregnant. I’m already a little OCD/control freak-ish, but being pregnant took it to a whole new level. Being pregnant has given me something to obsess about 24/7 without feeling the least bit guilty because I want every little detail PERFECT and ready for when my daughter arrives! I found myself constantly doing something in preparation for the baby. I made list after list of things to be returned, things we still needed, ideas for decorations, you name it.. I had a list for it. Sometimes it would almost feel as if I blacked out and when I came to, I had washed two loads of baby clothes, reorganized her dresser and put together her swing. I couldn’t stop if I tried!

Day after day I have been in the nursery organizing and decorating. Sometimes I just sit in the rocking chair (that my mother saved from when I was a baby) and just look around and think. I imagine what it would be like to have her here in my arms and think of all the fun memories that will be made in that room. I find it therapeutic. The space calms me and excites me all at the same time!

Nursery collage

Now that her room couldn’t possibly be more organized, I’ve moved on to scrapbooking. I started her baby book, as well as a scrapbook of her ultrasound pictures, baby shower pictures, etc. I want every little piece of her saved. I want her to look back on all these things and see how excited we all were and how loved she was even before she arrived!

Nesting.. It can’t be controlled, it can’t be stopped. Actually, I think it’s healthy! It allows the mother to mentally prepare herself for what is to come. Although we go through the physical changes, there is still the reality of it all that doesn’t really start to sink in until the crib is put together and all the little clothes are hung up. There have been several instances where I’ve been in the nursery and stopped for a second to say ‘I’m having a baby.’ Nesting makes me feel like I’m bonding with the baby even though she isn’t here.. And I love it!”

**Posh Baby Update**

An amazing coincidence occured on March first, the day we posted this guest blog. Our Posh Pal, Priya, gave birth to her beautiful baby girl on the same day! We were so happy that our nesting blogger shared Arianna’s newborn pictures with us.

The photoshoot took place in the very place where she had first bonded with her daughter – the nursery! Since the pictures put a huge smile on our faces, we wanted to share a few with you. Congratulations to Priya on having a happy and healthy baby girl!





Priya’s nesting story and owl nursery have inspired us! Here are some of our favorite feathered friends.


owl sack


owl cushion

Do you have an inspiring pregnancy, adoption or design story to share? Want to tell the tale of your amazing kids and how they inspire you?  We would love to hear it. Contact the Posh Team to be a guest blogger: [email protected]

Room Service, Please!

As a company full of employees who love design and inspiration, PoshTots immediately connected with an organization called Room Service Atlanta when it was brought to us last fall. RSA is a non-profit that was developed in 2010 by talented designers, Erika Ward and Dayka Robinson, as a way to combine their love for design with their commitment to serve others. They work with shelters in Atlanta to create comfortable interiors for homeless families and youth that will inspire them as they work to get back on their feet.

In October 2012, we teamed up with RSA on a big design project for the United Methodist Children’s Home‘s Independent Living Program in Decatur, Georgia. Six studio apartments were redesigned for foster care youth who are preparing for independence.

Our long-time friend and fabulous designer, Annette Joseph, redesigned one of the rooms. We were honored that she and RSA wanted to place some of our Posh products in a double room shared by two young gentlemen. Check out some of the stunning before and after shots shown in the video below!

Erika and Dayka are looking forward to completing their Spring project right after Mother’s Day. This time RSA is designing TWO cottages that house girls ages 17-21. We at Posh are inspired by Room Service Atlanta and hope to help with many projects to come!

“It’s our honor and greatest privilege to serve our community with our talents. For everyone deserves a beautiful place to call home no matter where that may be.” –Erika Ward

Organized Students

Most youngsters are now in the thick of their first semesters back at school. We relish the excitement our children have for the beginning of the school year. From their joy of shopping for new clothing and school supplies, to their desire and need to keep it all straight and orderly.. at least for the first few weeks, right? featured PoshTots in a nice little piece on keeping kids organized. Our Teddy Organizer made the cut with its roomy cubbies for little treasures and removable galvanized buckets for favored knick-knacks. We think this piece would fit right in with an urban lifestyle, minimalistic playroom, or even in a cute country cottage.

There are so many options for keeping your child organized in style, from Bookcases to Toy Boxes, to Armoires and Media Storage. What is your preferred method of keeping things orderly? Do you prefer a closed door or drawer, or a shelf to display your beloved’s favorite items?

Out With the Old

Inundated.  That’s how I would describe my house right now.  With toys.  And more toys.

We scaled back this year, really.  It’s just that, with three kids still of toy-playing age, it adds up.  Factor in grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles…

Amelia Armiore

It’s time to purge.  And I do mean PURGE.  Gone is anything broken, incomplete or totally random and ridiculous.  Gone are all things baby (a little tear here) and toys they’ve outgrown.  Gone are the toys given with good (but way too hopeful) intentions that I kept around in the off-chance that maybe one day they’d WANT to learn the capitals of all the states (who am I kidding?).  What remains is getting organized.  This should do the trick!

And the kids are in on it!  Armed with trash bags and bins, they are going through and finding things to throw away or donate to needy children.  Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Children’s Hospital, inner-city preschools…they get to decide where their toys go. They’re all 100% on board, and excited to be there!

Storage Table in Walnut

My goal is twofold:  1) Find places for the new stuff (part of the “organize” resolution – see last blog post), and 2) Instill the spirit of sharing our blessings.  Oh, and 3) Do something good for the environment by keeping used, but still functional, toys out of a landfill.

Well, that’s three.  But that’s OK.  I feel happy, the kids feel happy and the planet is a little happier too.  It’s a great start to, hopefully, a very good year.

What’s your post-holiday toy strategy?