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Are you one of our Facebook friends?  If so, then you’ve already seen this juicy post.  If you’re not, then this post is for you (and you should friend us, because friends hear about sales and deals first).

I saw a picture of this tween room and got thirsty.  That sounds crazy, but admit it, this room is literally dripping with juicy color.  So much juicy, saturated color.  See, you’re getting a little thirsty, aren’t you?  Your mouth is literally watering right now, huh?

Ava Bedding Collection

I told you.

We love these vibrant hues for bold, energetic, free-spirited tweens.  They scream fun and confidence and personality. Check out all coordinating and complementing items here.

Off to pour myself a drink….

Tween Scene

It amazes me how fast they grow up.  A minute ago, my son was excited for his first pair of shoes.  Thirty seconds ago, he learned to tie them.  Now, he surfs the net for just the perfect pair, and he even comparison-shops prices!

At 9, he’s officially a tween.  Which has me receiving a whole new slew of catalogs and emails targeted specifically to him (how do they KNOW??).  As a parent, I want to respect his more mature tastes and likes, but, come on, he’s still just a little kid.

Surf's Up

But, alas, his cowboy sheets and race car prints have been slowly replaced by skateboard sheets and NFL posters.  So, it’s time to update.

The easiest way is through bedding, so I think I’ll start here.  And, if you have any other ideas, short of a total room overhaul, I’d love to hear them.