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Super Sustainable (and stylish) by Design

Happy Earth Day Posh Pals!

As great lovers of nature and all its inspirational beauty, one of our desires is to be responsible stewards of the Earth. A very wise Native American sentiment states this perfectly: “We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.”

Being able to come to work on a tall grassy hill beside a pond is such a joy for us. What is your favorite thing about the Earth where you live?

Did you know?

  • More than 20 million Americans participated in the first Earth Day in 1970. The celebration grew to more than one billion people in 192 countries in 2012.
  • Earth Day is held on April 22 because that is considered the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of Fall in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • 11% of the Earth’s surface is used to grow food.


In honor of Earth Day, we want to introduce you to one of our newest “green” designers. It is said that Mother of Necessity and we recently met the Brother, Vincent!

Architect Vincent V. describes his work as Nature-Inspired-Kid-Approved-Sustainable-US-Made-Earth-Friendly-Non-Toxic-Colorful-Exciting-Cool-Creative-Fun-Smart-Modern-Designed Children’s Furniture. (We agree and think you will, too!)


After seeing that his two young sisters had to do their homework at the kitchen table, the architect was inspired to create a compact desk and chairs for them. His goal was simple – create unique, modern furnishings inspired by organic shapes found in nature with a sustainable and Earth-friendly approach to construction and materials. This started Vincent down his new design path, which brought him straight to PoshTots and we couldn’t be happier!

TR Table

“I thought to myself, ‘I can design something better, inspired by nature. I was on my way to designing a unique product that mattered to my family, and, I hoped, to many others who felt as I did.’ ” –Vincent V.

This super-talented designer/craftsman truly believes and practices conservation and preservation. Each sheet of material is plotted to maximize the pieces cut from it, allowing up to 97% of the material to be utilized to craft furniture.

tot bed




So why waste that 3%? Don’t worry, he wouldn’t dare. Vincent created a line of Second Life products to make use of that small bit of extra material. These include Standard Puzzles, Custom Puzzles, and Wall Art – mobiles will be added soon! Stay tuned; all of Vincent’s ingenious offerings will be available on very soon.

second life

April showers? Rainy day style we

Six looks to have your munchkin splish-splashing in style!

A puddle jump can go terribly wrong if your tot isn’t dressed in the right gear. If their only options are boring rain gear, they may not want to play along and keeping dry could be a huge hassle. Here are some fun looks to keep the whole family smiling on a rainy day!

Little soldier

{Little Solider}

This Camouflage raincoat and dino boots will let your little solider face the rain incognito. He will love jumping in the puddles with his friends in this matching rain set while he blends into the woods! Just hope he doesn’t get the urge to Army crawl through the mud.

Polka Dancer

{Polka Dancer}

Polka and dance the day away in this soft aqua polka dot set. The raincoat and rain boots will lighten up any stormy day with their cheerful print. Your little one will look adorable in this matching set. Pair it with a bold color underneath to contrast the two colors!

Classically Chic

{Classically Chic}

A classic look that’s great for girls or boys. The yellow rain boots are perfect with the traditional navy and plaid raincoat. This look offers a touch of preppy sophistication that keeps your little darling looking cute while playing in the rain.

Green with Envy

{Green with Envy}

Mixing these colors makes this set really pop! While both hues are bold separately, they are perfectly daring together. And who doesn’t love frog boots!? The purple raincoat is light weight so you can stay dry, without getting too hot on warm and humid spring days.

Chevron on

{Chevron On}

Finally! A chevron raincoat to spruce up your daughter’s rain gear.  She’ll love the bright pink boots and chevron raincoat while she dances through a drizzle or downpour. This trendy pattern in bright colors is eye-catching even on the darkest of  rainy days.


{Fighting Fire}

What’s a little rain? He’ll be ready to work the fire hydrant and hose! Your little guy will be perfectly protected from any puddle in this bright red coat and fireman rain boots. He’ll look darling in this combo and his imagination will be soaring with ideas of being a fire fighter. Ideal for chilly, rainy days.

Stay dry!

March Madness Baby Name Bracketology

The “Madness” has begun. You’re counting down the days until your baby is born and still haven’t picked that slam dunk of a name. Have no fear, March Madness Bracketology is here!

Believe it or not, brackets are useful for things other than sports and Daddy is sure to love the idea. We’ll show you how to pick the champion name for your baby no matter the decision-making dilemma.

boy vs girl bracket

Keeping your baby’s gender a big surprise? Make half of the bracket with girl names and the other half with boy names. The championship will literally come down to the final buzzer when your bundle of joy arrives!

meaning vs love

Can’t decide whether to use a name with family meaning or an original that you love? Play them against each other until the championship comes down to one of each. You may just find that they go nicely together and create a winning first and middle name combination!

mom vs dad

Has a battle begun between the parents’ name picks? Just because you can’t agree doesn’t mean you can’t combine. Each parent should complete half of the bracket until your final picks are in the championship match up. You may find that you actually agree on a name or that both names combine nicely to make the first and middle names.

Get your family and friends involved in the fun – have them all fill out Baby Name Brackets from your original choices and see who can guess which name was picked. You could even throw a small name reveal party or wait until the baby is born to keep the suspense!

We scored when we found this b-ball artwork complete with name personalization!

locker growth chart

front page canvas

bball wall hang

scoreboard decor

Do you have a baby name dilemma? Tell us about it and let’s get in to the March Madness together!

Parents Love Convertibles (and so do their babies)

Bratt Décor’s beautifully inventive convertible creation, J’adore, starts life as a cradle to safely cuddle your baby from newborn to 3-6 months (depending on the size and activity level of your child).

It converts to a gorgeous oval crib, wonderful in any nursery; especially well-suited to smaller spaces. Later, the daybed kit makes it a toddler daybed.

One piece of furniture fits your child’s needs until the age of four. Smart and lovely!

Available online exclusively at PoshTots, in finishes:

Venetian Gold  –  Distressed White  –  Pewter

J'adore Cradle / Crib


Want to see the entire Bratt Decor Collection? View it here. Looking for other convertible crib styles? We have lots; check them out!

More on convertible cribs from our friends at

No doubt, you’ll likely run into the convertible crib more than any other style. The option has a lot of appeal to parents who are looking for furniture that will last, not just for the baby and toddler years, but beyond.

What Do Convertible Cribs “Convert” Into?

Depending on the model, convertible cribs can transform into many other pieces of furniture. Combinations can include any of the following:

  • A crib
  • A toddler bed
  • A daybed: essentially the toddler bed without the toddler rail
  • A bench
  • A single bed
  • A double bed

If you see the distinction 2-in-1, it means that the convertible bed has 2 purposes (generally a crib/toddler bed). Likewise 3-in-1 will offer 3 purposes, and so on. This re-purposing of the crib can be a very economical purchase and save you the hassle of upgrading to toddler beds and full-size beds later on down the road.

>> Design or product questions? Our Design Consultants are ready to help. Call toll-free 866.767.4868 or email [email protected] <<

Million Dollar Decorators

Who’s been watching Bravo’s new series Million Dollar Decorators?  If not, you must.  Just…must.  In the famous words of Andy Cohen, “here’s what:”

It’s crazy good.  And each decorator is so different and has such a different design aesthetic.  And it’s all so over the top.  And completely, totally, utterly, unspeakably fabulous.  If you love design, you will not be disappointed.  It’s like Project Runway (which we LOVELOVELOVE) without the angst.

Bravo, TV.  Bravo!

Pour yourself a glass of wine, settle in, and watch.  You will not be disappointed.  And then, when you’re done, tell us who YOU would hire to decorate your home.


Pouf! It’s Magic.

And they’re popping up everywhere.  We love them for the teen rooms, kid rooms, sunrooms, family rooms, even living rooms.  Oh, and screened porches.  Basically, this charming little ottoman wannabe is a magical must-have.  Our favorites:

Turquoise Moroccan Leather Pouf and a ton of other colors too

Calypso St. Barth Silver or Gold Pouf (that sold out at Target in, like, 15 seconds)

Alseda Stool goes anywhere, with anything, and it’s stackable

Le Pouf cloudlike, and so versatile

CB2 Knitted Pouf chunky and funky

Silk Velvet Embroidered Pouf timeless and luxurious

Link Love

Every once in a while, we like to share sites we’ve come across that we just love.

Being in the business of design and decor, these tend to be some of our favorites types of sites, and there’s so much talent out there.  Wowza!

Nursery Notations

Nursery Notations is one we’re loving right now.  Andrika King has fabulous taste, and you can even follow her on Pinterest.  More on that later.

Be sure to check out her site…but make sure you have a chunk of time to browse, and a cup of coffee or a glass of wine would be nice too.

Posh Moms

Our must-haves for moms’ day.  You’re welcome.

Laptop & iPad Covers

1. Um, yes please.  Marc by Marc Jacobs Laptop & iPad Covers

2. The gift of shopping.  One of our must-have must-haves. Anthropologie Gift Card

3. Truly indispensable.  Perfection, in every way.  Cole Haan Jitney Medium Zip Pouch

4. Roses.  Lots and lots of roses.  Bulgarian. Baies Noire 300g Candle

5. A classic.  Just like her. Ray-Ban Mirrored Aviator Metal Sunglasses

6. A new Spring trench coat. Lilly Pulitzer Laptop Case

Hot Houndstooth

I love magazines – home décor (of course), fashion, lifestyle – most any mag. After cooking dinner and getting my boys in bed, I find it relaxing (and fun) to sit down with the latest deliveries and my sticky notes.

Houndstooth: Elle Decor - March 2011

One of my faves is Elle Décor and I just can’t stop flipping through the March issue. It’s the houndstooth; I love it (see page 64). Heels, handbags, rain boots, a classic houndstooth blazer – all in my closet. And now?  Bedding, upholstery, window treatments – more to love! Houndstooth is timeless and the perfect touch for any décor. Try it with dog beds, rugs, an ottoman, accent chairs or even wall covering in a small bathroom.

~ Pam O’Hallaron, ASID

With more than twenty years of residential and commercial design experience, Pam O’Hallaron has a passion for presentation. An ASID member with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from VCU, Pam’s portfolio spans from law offices and technology companies to families trying to turn their house into a true home.

Pam joined PoshTots after the birth of her first child and is now the proud mother of three-year-old and eleven-year-old boys. With experience designing for children of all ages, Pam’s contribution to marketing, merchandising and the print catalogue has helped cultivate the luxurious, elegant and unique artistry PoshTots is known for.

A PoshTots partner and lead designer, Pam offers a creative vision that turns ordinary spaces into one-of-a-kind settings for making memories.

What’s new from NANCY GENT DESIGNS…

Meet our newest designer and guest blogger, Nancy Gent. This amazing artisan’s urban country creations not only caught our eye, they cleverly capture the contrast between big-city style and small-town charm.

Now, a few words from Nancy…

I’m a huge fan of country music, and like country music my designs tells a story.  I was inspired to create a piece of furniture after I heard my son read for the first time, felt the warmth of good hospitality while having supper with friends, and saw the need for smart storage with personality.  I have also been inspired not to create a piece when in the middle of the night, after too much wine and many rounds of darts while dancing to Al Green, I was unable to exit the guest room of a friend’s mountain home because I had rolled the trundle bed into the door.  I knew in that moment a trundle would never be part of my collection, and two twin LIAM beds would always be my response.

The last several months have provided much inspiration for what’s new at NANCY GENT DESIGNS.  Over the holidays I spent time getting acquainted with my biological father and his passion for restoring classic cars.  I learned on that trip where I get my attention to detail and love for design.  RICHARD, the tool box bed side table with casters, was created after the hospital called to tell me my father had escaped in his wheelchair.  He missed his cars…

Nancy Gent Designs

My big brother, Mike, is a re-use artist, so we collaborated on a platform bed constructed of horizontal reclaimed Cypress boards and vintage license plates, which I named QUINCY, after the Northern California town where he lives.

When it is 40+ degrees, you will find me shooting hoops with my son after school.  One afternoon a little boy dressed in a black polo shirt and khaki pants joined us.  He was six years old and could shoot an all-net free throw.  I introduced myself and told him he inspired me.  That evening I created HUTTON, constructed of alternately finished reclaimed Cypress boards in MIDNIGHT and SHOALS.

And after having a serious crush on a guy for six months and wondering if he would ever ask me out, I was inspired to create EDWARD, a rugged bed with 200 year old vertical boards reclaimed from the bottom of Cape Fear River.  Call it the Law of Attraction, but when my crush found out I designed a bed and named it after him, 8 days later we were in Vegas.  (curtsy)

It all comes from a place of love…

Nancy Gent
Nancy Gent Designs

Shop Nancy Gent Designs on PoshTots & PoshLiving.