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Room Service, Please!

As a company full of employees who love design and inspiration, PoshTots immediately connected with an organization called Room Service Atlanta when it was brought to us last fall. RSA is a non-profit that was developed in 2010 by talented designers, Erika Ward and Dayka Robinson, as a way to combine their love for design with their commitment to serve others. They work with shelters in Atlanta to create comfortable interiors for homeless families and youth that will inspire them as they work to get back on their feet.

In October 2012, we teamed up with RSA on a big design project for the United Methodist Children’s Home‘s Independent Living Program in Decatur, Georgia. Six studio apartments were redesigned for foster care youth who are preparing for independence.

Our long-time friend and fabulous designer, Annette Joseph, redesigned one of the rooms. We were honored that she and RSA wanted to place some of our Posh products in a double room shared by two young gentlemen. Check out some of the stunning before and after shots shown in the video below!

Erika and Dayka are looking forward to completing their Spring project right after Mother’s Day. This time RSA is designing TWO cottages that house girls ages 17-21. We at Posh are inspired by Room Service Atlanta and hope to help with many projects to come!

“It’s our honor and greatest privilege to serve our community with our talents. For everyone deserves a beautiful place to call home no matter where that may be.” –Erika Ward

A Shaggy Raggy Statement

Using the Shaggy Raggy Rug as a design statement: Thoughts from PoshTots Lead Designer Patty Grogan.

OB-Pink Shaggy Raggy Rug

The shaggy rug was a classic design element during the 60’s and 70’s and is making a big comeback. What’s different? Definitely the colors, there are so many available, but also the texture. Imagine cotton jersey clouds.

Designing your nursery around this style rug offers a great design element and a comfortable alternative that adds warmth to the room. Imagine the softness underfoot as you rock your little one in a comfy nursery glider.

Three steps to making a design statement based around your Shaggy Raggy Rug:

  1. Select your favorite rug from basic neutrals to bold brights that can help set your design ideas in motion.
  2. Select a bright wall color or wall covering and use it to accent one wall in the room that complements the rug.
  3. Add drapery panels to a window and some great wall decorations in complementary colors and wow, a great room has emerged from the start of a simple rug.


Think you are ready to make your own design statement? Well, you are in luck! Take advantage of our Flash Sale happening Thursday and Friday on our best-selling rugs. Save 10% and get free shipping on Shaggy Raggy Pink and Shaggy Raggy Cream rugs of all sizes!

The Glider Guide

When selecting a glider there’s a lot to consider – size, style, color/pattern and long-term use. Yes, that’s right – long-term use. Gliders and rockers have outgrown the nursery. With so many styles, from double gliders to recliners, you can repurpose the comfy seat from nursery to guest room, living room, media room; it can play a supporting role to your other furnishings in any room.

If you’re having twins you may want to consider a chair and a half or two gliders. Call a smartly styled NYC loft home? Select a smaller glider that saves space and still provides plenty of comfort.

ophelia OB

Some guidelines from the ultimate trusted source, Consumer Reports:

  • A comfy seat. When you’re testing models for your wish list, sit in the chair and glide away. That’s the best way to tell if a chair’s seat fits you comfortably. Have your spouse try it out too if both of you will be using it. Get a glider with a generously wide seat and arms that won’t hem you in. Both these features are especially important if you plan to use a nursing pillow. And with a baby on board, you’ll need the room.
  • Springs under the seat. You may find four small springs that secure a bottom piece of fabric to the chair frame. That’s good. The underbelly of the seat shouldn’t be just fabric glued to a frame. You won’t have much support or shock absorption.
  • A warranty. If you choose a glider, you’ll want to know if the bearings, which run the gliding mechanism, have a warranty. They get a lot of wear over time. With gliders, ten years is a good warranty length, although a lifetime warranty is better.

OB-Monaco Glider

Some guidelines from OUR ultimate trusted source, PoshTots Lead Designer, Patty Grogan:

  •  Size. The size of the glider should be determined by who will be sitting in it. Which parent will be doing the feeding at 2am? Keep space in mind too, is there enough room to recline? There might only be enough room to rock!
  • Comfort. Keep comfort in mind by checking out the seat depth as well as the seat and back height. Ask yourself if you want it to recline, as many hours will be spent in this chair.
  • Design. When selecting the style, color and fabric design, coordinate it with your nursery color scheme but do not go crazy with color or pattern because you want the flexibility to be able to coordinate it with the next stage of furnishings for your child. Also, selecting neutral colors and simple patterns will allow you the flexibility to move the glider to other rooms in your home.
  • Long-term Use. Try to select a chair frame and fabric that coordinates with design style of the rest of the rooms in your home so you have the option to reuse it. If your furnishings are mostly traditional, stick with a traditional frame style with a simple tone on tone pattern. If your style is more eclectic or more contemporary, stick with simple clean look in neutral tones and solids, this will also work if your home is designed with bright bold colors and patterns.


Now that you know how to select the perfect glider, hurry and get yours before the sale ends! Happy Shopping! Check out the gliders here.