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PoshTots Reveals Fantasy Room Secrets in HGTV Design Show

A $49,000 Cinderella coach bed, a $100,000 playhouse, a pirate-themed bedroom that would be the envy of Jack Sparrow; this is the world of PoshTots. For over a decade, we’ve created whimsical worlds and fanciful furnishings for a star-studded list of global clients. And now, company founders Andrea and Pam are taking their design talents to television. Watch them transform the ordinary into truly extraordinary children’s worlds with the help of affluent clients, talented artisans and a seemingly limitless budget on HGTV’s one-hour special, PoshTots.

“The design process behind the creation of our high-end children’s rooms is exciting, entertaining and informative. It’s not about excess, it’s about inspiration. We work with our clients to magnify their children’s passions and imaginations through spectacular surroundings,” states Andrea.

Follow Pam and Andrea as they design and create an extreme playroom for the daughters of Joey Fatone (N’Sync, Dancing with the Stars, My Big Fat Greek Wedding), along with two other elite Florida families in search of the ‘PoshTots’ treatment. Among the most celebrated children’s room designers worldwide, Andrea, Pam and HGTV truly take luxury to a new level in this style-filled special. But…we can’t spill all our secrets. You’ll just have to wait and see!