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The Comfort Sacrifice is Over!

Being brought up in Brazil by a mother with an inclination for English furniture, I did not encounter the recliner until Archie Bunker made me aware of it. Years later when setting up a media room in our country home, I went in search of a comfy recliner and only then I understood its magic – it is beyond comfortable! Unfortunately it was also beyond ugly.

Women are willing to sacrifice comfort for beauty (our penchant for stilettos is proof), but men see it as priority. As a designer trying to deliver the best of both worlds to my clients, I have been in constant search for a  recliner that would not be an eyesore.  I finally found it! Our Delano Recliner is the perfect marriage of style and comfort.

delano recliner

With the open concept living space being embraced more and more, we want furniture that is practical, comfortable, AND stylish. The sectional sofa has made its way into many of our living spaces in sophisticated designs that do not scream ‘kids at play.’ I especially love our Wynne Sectional! Its elegant style and intricate details are sure to make a statement in any space.

wynne sectional

With these two wonderful pieces carefully placed in our spaces, we are ready for a movie night at home. Forget the popcorn and indulge in one of my favorite ice cream sundaes ever:  The Halvah Sundae


  • One scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • Two tablespoons of tahini
  • Two tablespoons of honey
  • Some pistachios sprinkles

You will be surprised by the scrumptious flavor of this Middle Eastern dessert. Try it. You will love it!

~Patricia de Niemeyer Kahane~