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We Love Lucy!

Our fuzzy friend, Lucy Lamb, has been a beloved member of the Posh family for many years. With a coat made for cuddling and soft floppy ears to listen to your every word, Lucy is a perfect friend. Many families have the joy of experiencing her loving company, but recently she has felt as though that isn’t quite enough. Lucy wants to spread her love and knowledge to as many families as she possibly can, so she has decided to go where most little lambs would never dream to… the Internet!


She recently began to update her Facebook and loves making new friends there. Taking things a step further, Lucy now has Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts under the name LoveLucyLamb! Through these outlets, you will find that Lucy is a lamb of many talents. Best friend, design consultant, fashionista, photographer, parent advisor, therapist, and professional cuddler are among her impressive list of skills. So if you connect with Lucy on any of these interests, she would be delighted to form an online friendship with you.


We love Lucy and you will too!