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Why bring unicorn stories to school?

Unicorn stories: There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that the role which is played by teachers in the lives of students is one important and influential one. It is teachers who can make use of the opportunities and give an actual voice to the various experiences and stories of the students, regardless of the age group they belong to. It is a rather known fact that the voices of students often go unheard on many platforms, but school is such a place where these very voices are heard and meaning can be given to them. What better way to interact with students than making use of such things which are of high interest for the students. So that students can contribute a great deal to the various ideas for unicorn related activities and have fun at school. There are a lot of ideas for conducting various unicorn related activities at school which teachers can incorporate daily. These activities are such which feature the unicorns and talk about the mythical creature in such a manner that helps make the process of learning a rather fun one.

The activities: They are not just confined to one subject, in fact, it includes within math, literacy, geography, books, stems, etc. All these aspects feature unicorn as the most important element of the learning. Kids absolutely love to hear stories about the unicorn, and so they will have major fun learning new things with the incorporation of unicorns. In addition to this, the kids who already have a special regard for unicorns will take maximum interest and that will allow the teachers to build in more knowledge in them with the help of such activities. All teachers will have to do is every day add a unicorn themed activity which each child will have to complete in a unique way.

The benefits: It has been stated by experts on many levels, that often what normal activities due to students are that it ends up being quite boring for the students, it ends up being repetitive and there is a low-interest factor for the students. Teachers are in the position to get creative for the sake of making learning fun for the students. One of the best ways to achieve this could be that the teacher can plan an entire day of learning based on a unicorn theme, incorporating the mythical creature in the question-answer session, explanation session an all. The handouts which are given to kids for better learning can contain pictures of unicorns, unicorn-based exercise questions and some studies related sons as well.

Students always prefer to be taught to be dealt with in such a manner that allows them to be creative on an individual level as well, unicorns are quite famous amongst children and so they can better relate to the unicorn-based activities. Kids will be able to experiment and take part in the learning activities without getting bored or feeling forced into the learning activities.

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